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El Comandante
Hey guys,

Ok, it seems that your feelings are not positive regarding my ET, so we’ll start a logo contest as suggested in one of latest threads.

Here are some guidelines for logo design:
• Logo shall stay simple, but impressive.
• Use no more then 3 colors
• Logo shall be easily adjustable to any background
• Please avoid religious, political, biased or other copyrighted symbols/logos
• Sciforums.com shall stay beneath the logo
• The idea of logo itself is important, so be creative even using simple drawing tools. We’ll restyle the idea later with some designer’s touch.
• Logo shall be designed to be easily re-adjustable for some special events, holidays, etc.

This contest is open until Friday, 13th

So let’s see what you have to offer! ;)

I have an idea for something, but not the skills to do it justice.
I'll put together a mock-up, then send the raw materials to Mr Anonymous and/or Sgt Lard if they'd like to polish it up.
Oops, sorry about that:eek:

More simplistic. Maybe different scenarios could rotate every hour or something?

Why is the logo blackandwhite anyway?
What's with the rule that it has to say sciforums on it?

There are logos: Full name written in graphic art form.
There are symbols: Brand symbol representing a name.
There are slogans: A saying or motto representing the idea of the organization.

Here's mine: (I have the png if anybody wants it)

samcdkey said:
How about something like this? An atom?
The classic atom? (the link isn't working at the moment, so I guessed) This is just quick, it can be better if people want...
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