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I started these before some of the newer entries, but I was going to say, why not update the old logo? If we like the planet backround, then try and fold that into the design:

with a rough rendering of the planet background:

different colors:

These are very rough, basic idea was to make the logo have a bit of a water look - it's horrible logo design as it is, I was just feeling around for trends. Later tonight, I may try and make the effect much more subtle and create an actual logo with this + the atom design. I like the direction it's taking.

Its all about the brain, right? I own the rights to this image, so there's no copyright to violate should it be used here.
Huh ... I saw only a few samples by now?? The atom is just too classic, but we want some modern and unique look, rather simple with 2-3 colors then 3d shapes with 1234343 colors :) Also please no shadows ...
skinwalker has come up with the best design so far.
the problem i see with the atoms is people might think this is a chemistry board.
personally i thought about submitting a suggestion for a benzine molecule.

This can be elaborated or made much simpler and currently there is no problem with any copyrights etc since I cooked this up over the past hour. It pretty much takes the Greek Letter Psi (Ψ) and the visual representation of some columns that might be seen as an interpretation of "Forum". (Admittedly I cut short the pluralisation, as squeezing two forums representations together would get messy).

It made sense to use the Greek letter since in most applied Mathematics and Physics the Greek Alphabet is used to represent certain Constants. (although some could suggest the "Sci" in "Sciforums" isn't necessarily a "Science" constant.)

Created a alternative "White/Black transparent version to see how it looks.
<table width="100%" style="border-bottom:solid 2px #646464; background:url(images/header_bg.jpg) no-repeat; background-color:#2B2B2B;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<TR><TD><IMG SRC="Http://www.chatsoba.com/images/sciforums_prototype2.gif" WIDTH="97" HEIGHT="97" ALIGN="MIDDLE"></TD></TR></TABLE>
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I don't know if this is copyrighted or not. It's a pretty common illusion, so I kinda doubt it.
There are other, similar, illusions that might be usable too.
Although... I don't know about putting a santa hat on it for christmas... maybe hang some mistletoe from it?

Just how do you mean by decorating it for holidays?

And which holidays?
I'm not so sure that catering to holidays is really a good idea around here. We have a wide array of users and few celebrate the same holidays.

<img src="http://www.sciforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3145&d=1093008509">
Huh ... I saw only a few samples by now?? The atom is just too classic, but we want some modern and unique look, rather simple with 2-3 colors then 3d shapes with 1234343 colors :) Also please no shadows ...
Hi pseudo,
Give it at least a week, I think. Some good entries will take longer.
I'm no logo designer, but I know what I like!

I think keep it simple. Personally I like the white transparent logo idea, but I hate the alien head (like just about everybody else).

Some kind of symbol could be good, but I don't have any specific ideas. I seems to remember that for a while we had some kind of circular wheel symbol with spikes coming out...

Of the alternatives proposed so far, I kind of like geodesic's one.

I don't think the atom-with-orbiting-electrons image is a good idea. It's too cliched, and in light of quantum mechanics it's also wrong!

Some kind of abstract thing would be good, if you ask me. Simple is good. Few colours is good. Seeing the background through the image is good.

I also think we might need more time. Giving it only a couple of days doesn't really allow time for much creativity!
hey all,

I think someone should do an artistic rendering of the ol' photon clock. I know I have spent a great deal of time lurking in SR threads, and I think it is one of the hallmarks of sciforums.

in case people need a reminder of what one looks like:

just like take out everything but the clock, simplify it so its not so busy, and shrink it down.
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