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Em, d'you not think it'd look less like a Photon Clock at that scale, more like Morse Code...?
What of a brain in the shape of a penis, or a penis in the shape of a brain? You know, mental masturbation.
Just keep the blue background as it is and have Sciforums.com on it in white as the link, with the background showing up between the spaces of the letters. Pretty much have it as it is now with just the background and the writing, just get rid of the alien head or sun, or whatever it's meant to be.

In short, keep it simple. No one will ever agree on a logo. Sciforums is just that, Sciforums. There is no logo that could really describe who or what this forum really is.
you make a good point. I wouldn't mind just the old SF there.
That's actually very astute - Sciforums is just that - its it's own unique brand-name, if you will and something the user remains free to interpret exclusively in their own terms, no one else's.

That's what's kind of neat about the illusion I posted.

The white triangle doesn't actually exist. It is an emergent quality from the conjunction of the three pacman things.

I wonder what it would look like superimposed over the earth background thing though?
I should have said before: I like the Earth background. Which is why I think having a white transparent logo of some kind would be good. White matches whatever writing appears next to the logo, which is nice.

I wonder what the invisible triangle thing would look like...
Solid text would have been better, I think... the gradient fill isn't quite it.
I like Mr. Anonymous' basic idea, but instead of the saturn type thingy how about a depiction of 'the thinker' but instead of a human it could be an ape?
The new logo looks like a pirate's logo. Our esteemed online health community deserves something better. I prescribe a stethoscope as logo.

This can be elaborated or made much simpler and currently there is no problem with any copyrights etc since I cooked this up over the past hour. It pretty much takes the Greek Letter Psi (Ψ) and the visual representation of some columns that might be seen as an interpretation of "Forum". (Admittedly I cut short the pluralisation, as squeezing two forums representations together would get messy).

It made sense to use the Greek letter since in most applied Mathematics and Physics the Greek Alphabet is used to represent certain Constants. (although some could suggest the "Sci" in "Sciforums" isn't necessarily a "Science" constant.)

I think keep it simple. Personally I like the white transparent logo idea, but I hate the alien head (like just about everybody else).

Combination of old and new. To acknowledge that sciforums has changed hands. To embrace our new insect overlords, if you like.

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