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The ape pondering a human skull... is that a copywrited item?

:m: Peace
actually Goofy you gave me an idea, what about a crystal human skull, you know the ones? A lovely luminous skull against that pretty blue back ground.

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I like this one. its simple, merges old with new, and is pleasing to the eye. I am glad to see it up.

Maybe with some subjects done like "intelligent community" dotted around.

I can't think what should go in the thought bubble though...
Haha, very good!

ToR, while not opposed to skulls in general, I find the picture more than a little busy - but a quick Google search gives plenty of others:

I have to say I dislike the thinker too.

Phonetic: some might debate the accuracy of leaving the thought bubble empty :D
Getting some great entries. I can't wait to see what comes up over the weekend!

We might have to have a bunch of logos, and use them in monthly rotation :D

There have been a few background suggestions, most on an astronomical theme. Perhaps we should vote for logo and background seperately?

I like the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. The concept as well as the image. Pick a slice!
I used a background-sized slice for my first effort (I'm not that plesaed with the logo, but the background is nice):
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