Should Harry Potter be considered evil.

Is Harry Potter Evil?

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those people are nutcases.
Don't listen to them. When they speak, put your fingers in your ears and say: 'blah blah blah blah blah.'

lol I think these people are ridiculous ..its just a childerns story and they are making way to much out of it. Dont they have anything better to do? :rolleyes:
I'm going to see Harry Potter, today. The problem some fundamentalists have with Harry Potter is rooted in the left over Puritanism in this country. If a story line uses any themes of 'socery', or 'witchcraft', then to them it must be evil.

Remember, these are the same people--at root--who thought Tinky Winky was gay. :D
I heard a news report yesterday that stated that an organized school trip to take a group of kids to see Harry Potter was cancelled. The reason: Someone pointed out that the movie was about witchcraft which is a religion and therefore the trip would be in conflict with the rules on separation of church and state.

It took some time to stop laughing but then I thought: If the movie had been something like ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, then yes I might too object because that does support and enforce a significant religion. But is Harry Potter any different. Yes clearly. The movie is about pure fantasy and is not intended to represent anything real, unless there are those who believe that flying on broomsticks is a possibility.

If Christians complain that children will be conditioned inappropriately then perhaps I should demonstrate outside churches to prevent children entering so they will not be conditioned by other supernatural fantasies.

Heretics from fundementalists over a work of fiction. From what I can make out the story is more of fantasy than dealings with anything potrayed as demonic.

Even those hardpressed fundementalists should look at themselves once in a while, the Catholic church doesn't even register such things as possessions, so how can something about a wizard/witch (No less than a dungeons & dragons saga) be so hideous.

If anything they should probably look at what their religions have accomplished due to such negative receptions:

The Spanish Inquisition,
The Slaying of Infidels on the Search for the Holy Grail
And more recently the Salum witch hunts
(where people suffering from ergot poisoning wer mistaken for witches for trying to find home cures for their ailements)

If they are truly going to have such a negative attitude then they should go out and burn every Doctor of medicine, every Veternarian, every ancupuncturist, every cosmetician, every road warden (Just getting rid of a few parking tickets)

Anyway, everybody knows that all witches are Gay... Oh I forgot .. you harline fundementalists don't watch Buffy! :p
If these people think that a single movie will undermine everything that they've taught they're children. I think that they have bigger problems to worry about than witches.
I am pleased to see my discipline is being considered. But there is no such thing as good or bad; there are only shades of gray. But the power of magic must be matched by a powerful mind. The weak-minded cannot wield power but can be dominated by such power.

The discipline of witchcraft is noble and is little understood. It is very old and holds more power than most realize. The children who watch the Potter movie will not be conditioned but those who have strong minds might find that they are gifted since their imaginations may be suitably stimulated.

Other religions should be fearful since they are all irrelevant and powerless and their foolishness cannot last.

Long live R.
The Wizard

Witchcraft is easily compared to a gun.

Wielded by the police, it is good.

By the Felon, bad.
"'Satan is up to his old tricks again and the main focus is the children of the world," wrote Jon Watkins, a Baptist activist.'"

Give me A fricken Break.

most of the Diehard christians think everybody and everything is "Satan" influenced. I just wana smack these people.
Good Point

Seems everyone needs an excuse?

If a person could unveil that "EVIL FORCE", that they claim as the culprit for all the bad things in there lives.

99.9 percent of the time they will find themselves!

just a thought

If satan were actually planning on starting his unholy war on the planet, do they really think he would do it with a movie?
He's got to build an army first. He's using the movie to find recruits.

Everyone knows that.