Single Temple for praying.

Should a Single World Relegion Temple be constructed?

  • Yes,That would reduce differences between us and increase brotherhood.

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  • No. (Please state your reasons,in your post if you choose these)

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  • Other ideas.

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I am proposing a concept of single temple or church or whatever you want to call it,where everyone prays under a single hub,in their own way...this way we create understanding between each of us and gradually reduce the religious fanatism.

The argument in favor of it : All of us irrespective of religion share a common belief : We believe in God,we are only different about his shape,size or physicalities or other ideals associated with it...Gradually we understand each other and embrace each other with love and forget our differences.Terrorism gone.Love prevails.
zion said:
I am proposing a concept of single temple or church
lovly idea, just wont work, all the religious will just find someone else to hate, people who dont need a church, like buddist, shintoist, atheist, etc.
or to the extreme occultists satanist etc to terrorise.
even is we eradicated all religions, we'd still have some extremist sects causing problems.
it just seems to be an impossiblity.