Sixth Sense

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by kmguru, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Rajagopals Registered Senior Member

    He who follows me, does not walk in darkness. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.
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  3. kmguru Staff Member


    Has anyone talked to Jesus (Jeshua) lately? ...I mean, actual talk to the so called spirit?...just wondering...if not, we are still in this mess...too sad...
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  5. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    That is the confusing part.

    Is this Kingdom to be found in a book? There are so many books, each with different directions, some in languages I don't even understand.

    Personally I like the concept that all people are created equal and deserve the respect you seek to receive yourself.
    I have met many who claim to talk to the spirit. Maybe that's the problem. Too many spirits, or too many interpretations? Why does it have to be so complicated? Does God *select* the most righteous, perhaps in the manner of *natural selection*?

    This may be of interest:
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  7. kmguru Staff Member

    Slight confusing...

    I have met many who claim to talk to the spirit. - which spirit you are talking about? Thanks...

    Does God *select* the most righteous, - not exactly...the truth is, there is a heaven but the exact nature has been hidden by the religious people for their own use...God does support the projects. But remember God covers the entire Universe with Trillions of Life, some items can get messed short run but in long term it works...

    So, the mechanism is some what different with rules of Law in the heaven for the last 14 Billion years. I know some, but can not say in sciforums...but there is really interesting things happen over thousands of years....
  8. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    I asked the same question. And that's where it gets confusing.

    So you also do not have the answer? Don't feel badly. I have settled for a Universe that functions only mathematically. IMO, the only way to achieve consistency, which is one of the definitions of God, no?
  9. kmguru Staff Member

    We have trillions of spirits...I do have answer that depends on the question.....

    Universe does function mathematically. And we are part of it. You can read "a new kind of science" and get to where you need to go. And we are here with our spirits and our past spirits are in heaven...doing large scale projects under Free Will Status...that is Mathematical...plain and simple...and we have to work at it...

    Thank you...
  10. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Free Will is not allowed in a mathematical universe. Any *will* we think we possess
    is always in the "direction of greatest satisfaction*, and that is a very slippery slope..
  11. kmguru Staff Member

    WHY? Are you trying to redefine Pi?

    That Free Will with whatever mathematical term you want to make is hundred percent everything we do, everything Black Holes do and everything Galaxies do.....I am a Control Engineer...I have systems that others think... is Artificial, it happens...
  12. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Pi is a mathematical ratio and has nothing to do with FW.

    Talk to kmguru (oh, that's you) about FW, I didn't introduce it.

    I am an Accountant (financial control engineer) and I am glad you share my understanding of the mathematical function, which by its very nature is deterministic and which allows you and me to be Control Engineers.
    Unless you want to claim that the *uncertainty effect* is comparable to the notion of FW.

    Remember this simple Universal constant: all change happens in the direction of greatest satisfaction, both in reality and in the abstract.
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  13. kmguru Staff Member

    I agree...That is where (changes) Humans put Free can say any word possible...Changes is what it is...good thinking...

    since you are the expert here...
    However what causes in the direction of greatest dissatisfaction? Thanks...
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  14. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    I cannot think of a single example in nature, mathematically or intentionally. Can you?

    To be clear, I use the term "satisfaction" metaphorically (abstractly) and in context of the same way we use the phrase "path of least resistance" and the philosophy of *Ockham's Razor*. Perhaps also Harmony.

    The universe does not emotionally experience "satisfaction" or "dissatisfaction", only what is mathematically allowed or disallowed, which fills the fundamental "Law of Necessity and Sufficiency." The result is in the direction of Greatest Satisfaction. Coming to rest.
    Zero State.
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  15. Rajagopals Registered Senior Member

    I will give it a good try, with my limited knowledge of Esoteric and Bible subjects, to respond (not necessarily answer) few queries that were raised. Pardon the length of the post.

    misery came with the same free gift

    There is no misery (in receiving or giving knowledge of the path of truth) that is what I wanted to convey. For someone who is committed to God’s path of truth and divine knowledge, God will somehow make it happen for you. God will place the right people, whom you can ask all the right questions, in front of you. But it is your duty to let go your ego and present the humble inquisitiveness to the learnt ones. Like Bible say, they got it free and they are equally willing to share it with the right people. You have to find these divine souls yourself.

    If you live in a western culture or the other side of the ‘practical’ part of the world, that is no excuse. If you search you will find them in the most unexpected parts of the world, I have experienced this myself in few Western countries.

    Is this Kingdom to be found in a book? There are so many books, each with different directions,

    The board on the road says where a road leads to but to reach that destination you need to travel in that direction. Bible gives all what is required for that journey. It tells you even what to do to reach there. Things that you must do. If you want to use Bible for this purpose, then the first thing is to believe that Bible can help you, even after you have reached that destination.

    Too many spirits, or too many interpretations?

    Can we start with one, the one that matters, the easiest one - Jesus? Could you kindly consider him as the divine one who emptied himself of the God? Emptied to remain human, emptied to bless the fallen, emptied to remain a servant. Most merciful who loves the most sinned ones with the same love as the most noble one? He is readily available to anyone (with no knowledge of yoga, meditation, or any special skill or secret teachings). His omnipresent divine self is ever present to approach. Approach him with nothing, you don’t even need to have a good heart, you can be as cruel, as cunning, as bad as you want to be, but still the merciful Jesus is available to you. He wants to help the fallen one’s the most, they are the ones who need help. Those who are blessed to receive a better education, better family, better life will find it difficult to understand this rather bizarre kindness. In their world for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is science, which ends in the realm of Jesus who’s love and kindness is unconditional. You don’t have to be born Christian, nor a regular church goer, nor a nun or saint to get his proximity and guidance. Open up yourself and surrender, remain a servant and he will be there when you need him.

    Why does it have to be so complicated?

    There are too much complications and confusions in the path to God in Eastern Philosophy. But, primarily for Westerners, Jesus made it simple and straight. How lucky of you guys! The Yogi of Yogi’s is available to you any moment you think about him. Jesus Yogi is ready to take all your sins and give you blessings in return. He who is most powerful, enough to accept all the sinners and return pure love, with no conditions is available for anyone. You can go back and lead your regular sinful life, and get back to him when you are tired, fallen and feels like need to recharge. Bible says it will only take you 6 days for that

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    Does God *select* the most righteous, perhaps in the manner of *natural selection*?

    He does not make any selection. It is your mind and deeds which perceive that decision. If you have elevated yourself through righteous deeds and practices (like Yoga) that leads to better understanding of yourself, you will find yourself close to him naturally. Jesus like all divine yogis is available with no conditions attached. Your readiness to reach matters. In all senses Jesus is a pure Aghori. Aghora, in Sanskrit, means something which is in its most simple, clean, uncomplicated, reassuring, soothing condition. Aghori is the state of a Yogi when he becomes pure light itself.

    Don’t Google Aghoris, you will be presented with human flesh eating, ash cladded, naked, ruthless human beings claiming to be Aghoris sect from North India.

    I have met many who claim to talk to the spirit.

    Talking to spirits, aren’t we all blessed with that right? If you haven’t done that till date, start that today. You can talk to any spirit, but what you expect is the spirit to talk back to you. See, you are already off the topic of talking to spirit, what you really want is to listen to a spirit.

    Spirits as per Eastern Philosophy are the ones who are in a single state of ‘Bhootha’ or a combination of less than five elements. Pancha Bhootha five great elements, also five physical elements, is a group of five basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. It will be quite challenging to interact with an energy that is in its own pure elemental state.

    There is a method, derived and practiced in old Kashmir, to read and understand fire. Similarly, you can find natural element reading practices in Hawaiian (water) and Red Indian (air) cultures. I stand ready to be corrected on these claims.

    Unless you are trained in any of these absolutely rare practices, it will be a mere claim that someone is having a 2-way communication with an element. I am sure we are not taking about getting burned by fire accidentally as an interaction.

    If you are still keen to talk to spirits the easiest way to start that would be to first expand your consciousness (your prana) beyond your body limits and then capture even the slightest difference in that prana in a physical proximity. This way you can start to use your 5 senses more effectively or efficiently.

    all change happens in the direction of greatest satisfaction, both in reality and in the abstract

    Entropy of the universe is increasing, in that sense chaos and confusion is the one that is on rise. As per Eastern Philosophy also that is true, the only good expectation is that Satya Yuga (time of truth) is the one that is next.

    Shiva who was advaita (not two) in the beginning wanted to be dvaita (two) but that thought of two created the knowledge of two which is in sense one. The longing of the soul to be one with the universe is the cause of all greatest dissatisfaction.

    Aether is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere (science is not yet advanced to consider its presence in terrestrial sphere) if that is so and we can use our mind to reach (assume in our own mind) any part of the universe in a second I would say these two have some strong connection or even say they both know (experience) Aether. If so does our mind miss its freedom of expression of being one with the rest of the aether that fills the universe? Can that cause a bit if dissatisfaction?

    Can you?

    Indestructible friend of the universe, don’t be evil Can you see him now

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  16. kmguru Staff Member

    Thank you Rajagopals for an excellent post.

    What I can publish is that it is very good about Theory and discussions like Higgs Boson and final check out or Aether value from science….we humans still have to live in this MESS. Hence, it is time to go from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga….that is part of the Eastern Philosophy.

    In the next 200 years, sea level will rise, high temperatures everywhere, a lot of people will die, No one including Genghis Khan conquered Middle East and so on….not to mention BREXIT and other EXITs and Trump etc....

    If you do not have Cancer, you can talk about it at legth...but if you have it...find solutions first...that is the way, I see it...

    So, we need to do our Complexity Management and in this section, the Eastern Philosophy way…

    Can we?...Please?…Pretty Please???
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  17. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    I know where both of you are coming from. I am a fan of David Bohm's, "Wholeness and the Implicate Order", which addresses both viewpoints but manages to marry physics with a hierarchy of Orders (a form of Deism).

    But Sixth Sense is a different animal, IMO. I believe what we call 6th sense is a product of our mirror neural network, the parts of the brain which compare sensory input with previous experience and *suggests* a probable situation occurring or developing, which triggers an emotional a physical response. But this is not unique to humans only!

    Unless we are prepared to say that all existing things have spiritual qualities in their actions, that leaves only humans as *divinely inspired*, and that is hubris, IMO.
  18. Rajagopals Registered Senior Member

    I fear complexity management when explained in Eastern Philosophy might create more complexity in here

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    To start with, what we call and consider as Eastern Philosophy in this forum is nothing but a set of assumptions which more or less tend to work even if you are from the other (western) part of the world. The basic principle, of what is considered to be an Eastern Philosophy, that tend to break apart already is more aggravated when we also notice that many key human figures and characters who helped to make progress with such a classification had white skins - like Babaji - many of whom came from the West.

    We may be forced to consider Christianity as an Eastern Philosophy if we are to consider the ‘lost years of Jesus’ were spent on learning and completing the practice of Yoga.

    Coming of prophet Muhammad was mentioned in Bhavishya Purana with a purpose to attest the truth of monotheism (from the Dravidian Eastern Philosophy) and to reform the then misguided Arab people. This is more evident in the name Ahmed, name of prophet Muhammad, the much praised ‘aham’ aspect of Hindu beliefs which praised the almighty (Allah) even from a pre-islamic times. ‘al-ilah’ (word “Allah” is derived from) translates to the Moon God that existed among Arab tribes who worshipped a moon God with a crescent moon - Lord Shiva, I would guess.

    Why crescent moon?

    A symbol that denotes the time (kāla as in time) and ultimate authority of Lord Shiva as the one who produces (and maintains) time. Kāla (time) cannot be outstripped by any being whatsoever and that emanates from him and pervades all things.

    The same is also known as kalā, as one of the 16 chandrakalā of parashakthi (the absolute power of Parama Shiva as shakthi). Divine power consists of five aspects and they are chith (consciousness), ananda (bliss), iccha shakthi (will), jnana shakthi (knowledge) and kriya shakthi (activity).

    Kalā is one of the kanchuka (covering) of Maya tathva. She is omnipresent and all pervasive, the subtlest aspect of the objective world. A materialistic life by means of bondage, influenced by her spell of Māya. Due to Māya, the being, who in reality is transcendental in nature, does not have the realization of his perfection. The being thinks he is an imperfect creature, which he is not.

    Prakrti as superintended by purusha evolves as the world before us by the inexorable will and order of God. The creation is a process of emanation or emergence from the state of avyaktha (prakrti - nature) and dissolution takes place by the process of retrogression, until the whole world of appearances returns to avyaktha.

    Tantra, Its Mystic and Scientific Basis: By Lalan Prasad Singh
    A History of Indian Philosophy: By Dasgupta
    Lalita Trishati: By V. Ravi

    Too complex?

    Eastern Philosophy do not consider anything complex. All natural progression (be it creation or destruction) is understood in clarity and considered natural. Free will is respected yet yogic powers are granted priority over natural progression. Shiva is considered the ultimate and almighty yet treated as a simple logic that fills every aspect of mundane life and the macro universe.

    Aspects of how to manage the complexities of the near future of the world?

    I am too small to reflect on such macro matters and would rather listen to some one knowledgeable

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  19. kmguru Staff Member

    Thank you Rajagopals...Couple of items I may bring up.

    Long long ago, I started this Eastern Philosophy section and tried to add stuff that was from India first that also includes Buddhism...then let others put in the ideas from surrounding area...

    I was happy on the activities knowing I was a practitioner of Sanatana Dharma....and doing serious Industrial Ecosystems in China with others as Team towards planetary development. So far NOT a problem.

    Then two years ago, due to a personal situation, I had to do deep meditation and found all sorts of things....understanding the greater scheme of things...

    To start with I was a Chief Engineer in one of those Vimanas in Rama Civilization. I knew the Technology too filtered for present USA issues. So, I found out how the world was during Rama Civilization (Satya Yuga?) and learned a lot.

    My second interesting time in the creation was to listen Lord Krishna's discussion in Gita some 12,300 BP years ago. The interesting part is Lord Krishna Civilization has been involved in our Planetary Growth from long ago...

    Then everything became crystal clear....It looked like My team is working for God to do Planetary Development with a large scale time frame (perhaps 150,000 years). I even know some interesting items about 500 years from now filtered due to our technology level. The filtration happens what Heaven wants to do within heavenly laws but can provide some data. That is how you see technology improve on the planet in a slow but steady state.

    What I want to do in sciforums is explain some items that are easy to understand but provides a goal for everyone to clear the deck and work sincerely towards a better planet...I can only provide what is allowed to me...that means Heaven would not give you far future information...but can provide items with present issues modified for a better solution. That is how Universe works.

    But I can not go in this way because I may not have any discuss anything. That includes providing solutions to Globalization and related issues. Our Readers will think I lost it during my Meditation. That is OK too...

    There is always Abyss...I do not want to be Giordano Bruno of COSMOS....

    So, let me know, how to proceed...
  20. Rajagopals Registered Senior Member

    That is quite tall!

    I am aware about the presence of so called ‘lost copy’ of Vaimanika Tantra available in India for reference. I always wanted to know how the Vimanas avoided making any sound while making sudden moves within terrestrial atmosphere?

    The only other part I could not comprehend is your development of greater understanding during deep meditation. I would assume the greater knowledge would only come in very very slow mode while you are in fully awake, fully aware state of consciousness. Based on a simple logic that it is the consciousness that is making a leaping progress.

    I think from here on this thread would be more meaningful to an Economic forum than Eastern Philosophy section.

    The biggest challenge of globalization now is the mass migration of humans which more or less contribute to the biggest problem of this century - human trafficking. A solution to that could derive sudden and immediate good results.

    The reason I mentioned above specific problem is because this problem seems to be not in alignment with the rest of the Esoteric universal alignment. Since as per the myth Pathala Loka (the one that is below earth) is supposed to be merrier, prosperous and in the best happy state than what the current economy is preparing these trafficked humans to send to – unless they are prepared for something else?
  21. kmguru Staff Member

    Thank you...sorry, I can not go to Economic Forum at this time. We (You) need to start a new OP and first talk about the Ramayana stuff...That is because, our future depends on it.

    What really happens is that we humans (and every other life forms except very low level bugs) have always combined with two units of energy activities. One is the Human level (conscious) and the other is Spirit Level (Atman? - Subconscious). In rebirth, the Atman part moves on with full energy by syncing itself with the human (or other life forms).

    It took me two years to understand what is happening (I had some help like Lord Krishna and Da Vinci and Tesla spirits) -to point me in the right direction. It is really too much...

    This happens because human life is very sort and hence God Creation works on rebirth. The spirits live in Heaven and come in for the growth of the Universe. That is how the whole process work for the Universe.

    That means, some groups (like rishis) can connect to Heaven directly and get the data (Akhasic Records). Edgar Cayce did the same. Paul Anka uses his spirit as Bhasar doing the same and many, we have some serious data that normally we do not.

    As to Ramayana and Mahabharata - they are actual stories designed for kids such that the story stays the same to the future. That is a whole different issue.

    Why we are talking about this?

    Thousands of years ago, we had a inter-dimensional war for which Ramayana took a part. Our enemy (which we call Satan) faught with life forms from this side of the Universe. But, this side of the Universe had the full Knowledge about the spirit and the holistic views while the other side did not and hence the mess. That means those who do not understand the energy side create a civilization that does not move where our religion is asking us to move thus cause all sorts of issues including Globalization. I am not sure I made this clear....The Buddhist will do well but others can create a mess...

    Which means, if we can sync ourselves to our spirits and understand the big picture...then we can grow faster. That is the crux. Presently you can be a Decent Buddha and do great. Rest of us struggle to get there. For example, with Meditation, you can talk to Jesus (he likes if you call him Yeshua) or Mother Theresa or anyone you want to talk to with good reason...they are all up there...But Dear Gandhi is now back in India. Mainly, you see the BIG Picture and do your things. That is very IMPORTANT for our Civilization.

    That is where we want to be. As to the Economy, my teams in this area are already doing it - who know the connections.

    Oh, I have talked to Arthur C Clarke and Ray Bradbury. I talk to my spirits everyday - one of them was President Lincoln sometime ago...then that is how you connect the dots and do the right things. Basically, we are the same people reborn do great things...By the way President Lincoln was my Captain during my time in Vimanas during Ramayana...

    And life forms move from their species to Whales and Dolphins become Humans.

    So, let us all do meditation and connect the dots to do good....for our future. Thank you.

    ...a related thoughts at:

    Dr. Greer needs to help to SERIOUSLY improve Planet-wide Spititual Awareness for our high powered UFOs would not connect to us directly without it. That would be our salvation from Climate Change, Issues from Globalization, Healthcare and Religion. Thank you.

    And that is what I am talking about...too...Time will tell...
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  22. mayheather12 Registered Member

    People with this kind of traits are special I must say. It's like you have a built in time capsule in your head.
  23. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Why are you talking about this? What does it have to do with sixth sense? Everybody hears voices, but most realize it is an internal conversation with oneself, not some dead person 300 years ago. Tell me some of the details of what Lincoln has shared with you.

    And if you can converse with Lincoln, can Lincoln converse with you? How exactly does that work? Are you also claiming dead people have a sixth sense and can communicate? In what language? Spooky language?...........

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    You know what the sixth sense is? It is the instinctive ability for performing proto-conscious mathematical anlysis. This ability is already present in single celled organisms and more than likely at even smaller chemical scales.
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