Sixth Sense

He who follows me, does not walk in darkness. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.
What is so special about that moral advice of seeking righteousness. This is reserved only for those who believe in the Kingdom of God?

The secular moral message can be posited this way;
"Strive to be a good person and you will find emotional reward in the knowledge"

I need no sixth sense or communication with the dead to "tell me" that. In an effort to live a rewarding life "I tell myself" how to do that based on mutually beneficial behavior.

In nature this social behavior is identified as symbiosis.
Dictionary result for symbiosis

  1. interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.
    • a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.
      plural noun: symbioses
      "a perfect mother and daughter symbiosis"
Do we need a God or a Kingdom of Heaven for that?.....:?
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Sixth sense

Used back in the times when it was thought humans had only five senses

So it would appear this sixth sense, with all the power of the cosmos behind it (my take), didn't know the human, within it resides, had (has) more than five senses???

Or was it that it didn't want to be 27th sense so it pushed itself into number six in the queue?

Sixth sense is just more fake mystic woo woo, trying to pretend it is science, when iti spins coincidences into a connections with the Universe

Last count I saw was around 25, but the Humpty Dumpty effect is in play

some time back i did fall into some reading that suggested various numbered things.
ive not delved into it since. i prefer eggs Benedict

six cents isnt worth much these days. to coin a phrase
Humpty was runy not puny when he fell off the wall

All the Kings men could do was wash the wall. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

So they fed the yoke to the horses and they sprouted wings and became Pegasus.
Will wonders never stop?
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In my religion we believe in telepathy, and protect those individuals from mental incarceration.
Sixth sense: How do we sense electric fields?

science can only measure that for which it has developed the instrumentation
why stop at "6"?
there are myriad unknown unknowns
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy (and science)
I already proposed that "quorum sensing" is a sixth sense. This would include all the cellular sentience of all "communal bacteria" in and on your body.

IMO, microtubules are electro-chemical processors and they can be found in almost all eukaryotic biological organisms. Can they sense free electro/magnetic waves? Apparently they can.
Mitochondrial function is dependent upon mitochondrial structure which is in turn dependent upon mitochondrial dynamics, including fission, fusion, and motility. Here we examined the relationship between mitochondrial dynamics and the cytoskeleton in Dictyostelium discoideum. Using time-lapse analysis, we quantified mitochondrial fission, fusion, and motility in the presence of cytoskeleton disrupting pharmaceuticals and the absence of the potential mitochondria-cytoskeleton linker protein, CluA.
Our results indicate that microtubules are essential for mitochondrial movement, as well as fission and fusion; actin plays a less significant role, perhaps selecting the mitochondria for transport. We also suggest that CluA is not a linker protein but plays an unidentified role in mitochondrial fission and fusion. The significance of our work is to gain further insight into the role the cytoskeleton plays in mitochondrial dynamics and function.
By better understanding these processes we can better appreciate the underlying mitochondrial contributions to many neurological disorders characterized by altered mitochondrial dynamics, structure, and/or function.

and the actual single most important biological structure of consciousness is the "microtubule".
This excellent presentation is informative and clarifying. Do check it out.

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sculptor said:
Sixth sense: How do we sense electric fields?
Stand under a high voltage tower when it hums, your hair will rise. and you may feel tingling.
Hold a neon light and it will light up instantly. btw. that's also "quorum sensing".

just a musing; quantum superposition = quorum sensing
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