Skunk Anansie


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Does anyone else here listen to Skunk Anansie? They kinda rock in a huge way. Being the depressed loser I am at the moment, I've been listening to their stuff heaps. Groovy stuff.

totally agree with you on this, even if i dont find the singer very sexy :p

what about your code assign btw ?

Does this groovy stuff helps you to code faster ?
At last! Someone who likes SA! Kick arse. Yep, I stick a CD in my computer and put WinAmp on auto-repeat and hours pass before I know it. I'm just about to go back into that assignment now. I'm still not sure how to do some things, but at least now I have finally managed to successfully install a compiler (LCC) on my computer. I was trying to use Notepad to write it before.
I had both of the first two SA albums. I really like the slow an soulful stuff it can make ya cry on a good day or is that a bad day :confused:
She has a great voice but i wouldn't like a whack off her (So butch!!) :D
Bbcboy, you're all class.

Goofyfish, they split up and are all doing different stuff now.