Solar panels

Having issue with solar panels charging batteries.
Asking for help
Need to flesh it out a little more

Explain the situation

Details of symptoms

Perhaps put forward your diagnosis

Any remedial action taken

Think of your system as a animal and posters here as vets (not mind readers)



I was going to suggest have you tried turning the sun off to reset it but I'm guessing you have already done that :?

Asking for help

1) Determine loads on battery - maximum amps and daily amp-hours
2) Choose battery that allows at least 3 days of autonomy (i.e. if you need 10 amp-hours a day plan for 30 amp hours) and meets max current requirements
3) If it's lead acid multiply by 2 (i.e. if you need 30 amp hours buy a 60 amp hour battery)
4) Now you know how many watt-hours your battery bank has. Divide by 8 to get the solar array you need. (i.e. 60 ah at 12v is 720 watts, so get ~ 100 watts)
5) Get an MPPT controller to control battery charging.
6) Wire it together with appropriate gauge wire, fusing, protection and switching.

And you're done!
7. If it's the old fashioned type of battery, check fluid levels, top up cells with distilled water.
8. Your controller may be programmable to switch over from solar to grid power for a certain time (7 pm to 7 am here, when hydro rates go down and sun goes down, hydro rates go up and sun comes up)
Plus, it helps to have panels on a frame that can change angle for maximum exposure, and protection from high wind.