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Should WellCookedFetus be removed as a moderator or banned?

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for any who are intrestes and wesmorris (who I beleive has been banished for awhile) Goofyfish has now replay about the thread wesmorris and I were arguing about and has sided with me totally, in fact He thinks I should have been harsher and more efficent.
Hail to wesmorris, our king...

He was banished from his kingdom but returned with wondrous stories about different worlds filled with elves and goblins.

(i'm going to check now if the king has updated his nerdoverlord site)
(I wasn't ever banished, and I still don't have the site re-registered, it's in some kind of status, but I should go check to see if I can re-register now, maybe it's been long enough)
Hail to our king wesmorris. He has not been banished at all, but went on a crusade to fight the anti-nerd infidels and brought back treasures and an updated version of linux!

Hail to our king.

Let us blindly persecute anyone who dares to speak ill of our king.

(the site was down)
Ok so your not banished my bad, Goofy speak for him self sure:
quoted from PM

goofyfish said:
goofyfish said:
wesmorris said:
Mod note: no direct insulting of others, if goofyfish see this he might do horrible things to your ass! There was so much insulting in here that I going to have the delete it, sorry.

I think starting at this point I would have stopped at merely deleting the post and sending a PM to Wes as to why, without the "...if goofyfish see this..." portion. You would, of course have to then delete Truthseekers post that has quoted Wes, and send him a PM as to why. (" TruthSeeker,
reporting it to me would be great, as i could have dealt with it earlier."
wesmorris said:
(edit: and please by all means, ASK GOOFY and I bet you'll find yourself corrected. actually if goofy had the opinion that my post was "insulting" I'd respect that. YOU, well I don't think you have a clue)

You've got to be kidding me. There is a difference between insults and calling a spade a spade. For instanct when someone makes a comment like "anyone who votes for bush is stupid", that is stupid. It's plain that you could be the most intelligent person in the world and vote for whoever the hell you want. That you can't understand that for yourself indicates that are apparently unfit for the modicum of responsibility that comes with the position. You should get a grip or resign immediately.

As for you truthseeker. I have NO RESPECT FOR YOU. (further message deleted and filled)
Mod note: Goofyfish is PM as we speak, as you won't respect me and you will him (so you claim), you will learn to repect people enough not to insult them, nor to claim superiority over them, if not we will delete it.

Would have deleted it. Public argument just gratifies them. Delete it, and don't use me as a threat because, as the case was this weekend as well as Monday and Tuesday, I might not be around. If you really feel there is a problem that nneeds mmore immediate attention, call James in and let him have a look. It is also better to delete a post with excessive insults, etc., rather than typing over wha they wrote. This leaves a record for us to refer back to - if you change a post, that record is gone. Minor insults I change; big ones are deleted.

Anyway - that is the point where the thread got out of control. You might have split it out to site feedback, but I don't see the point, really. Wes was wrong, without question, but you need to develop a thicker skin for handling the complaints against you. If you feel you just have to reply, do it once, use a PM, make it to the point and then move on. Continued bantering merely gives someone gratification. In this instance, your posts are as much off topic as those by Wes.

I know it is tough, but as the polls to remove mods have shown, a majority of members feel the mods do okay, else tey would have voted one out. Never happened yet. Hope this helps in some small way - welcome to our hell! ;)

:m: Rick
Wes was wrong, without question

bullshit. i respect his opinion, as it outweighs mine in this matter. i welcome a debate with either of you regarding the topic in question "what comprises an insult". I'll leave "wellcookedfetus is a hypocritical dipshit" for him to sort out for himself.
lol. you just don't get it kid.

you think I said you should let goofy speak for himself because I didn't believe you? i do not trust you to be truthful at all, that is true... but are you so blind that you can't see that his message included the exact sentiment as to why you should let goofy speak for himself, but you don't get it.. do you? can you figure it out? can you?
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