Study Lays Bare the Physiology of Erection

It's like any form of pornography or external stimulation.

90% of sex happens in your head. The rest is physical stimulation of your genitals. Cyber sex is just another person typing away (Presumably with one hand) telling you stuff they think you wanna hear depending on your last post.
The images produced by the written word or the webcam are then transposed by the brain into horny stuff.

Works for some, not for many, but hey what the heck, whatever floats your boat, thats what I say!:D
90% in the head!?!?

I don't think so... :rolleyes:


It's not what it seems, at least...
Not my theory, actual fact. think about all of those nerve endings being stimulated. has to go somewhere, the brain right? My line is sexual health, I know of what I speak. think about when you service yourself a lot of the time you have your eyes closed right? I rest my case

Oh and...
yes I do but what would jesus think?:D
Yeah... but I suppose you FEEL it there... isn't it...?:D

The brain just processes the information and the senses... but that doesn't mean thoghts.

You can say that 90% has to do with your head... but you can't say that it's thougts...

90% is what you feel. ;)
(Thank God...!) :D

About the web camera...
I don't know how it works... :(

Well... but if you know... tell me!! :D:D:D

Ah, this is a thing us boyz never get control over.
Never mind ay?:D
Originally posted by TruthSeeker

I wonder if practice Kama Sutra rises our level of nitric oxide...

Unfortunately not. The amino acid Arginine does improve "NO" synthesis. Tantra Yoga can help too. Males are always visual and in our society as you get older, you get desensitized. The visual signals does not produce enough signal level to act on those areas. I remember my first yoga class when I was 23 with 12 beautiful young ladies. I had problem the very first two classes - after that I got used to the visual and pheromon senses and has been teaching for 30 years with professional ethics. It is all in the mind.
Sex is 90% mental. Think about how some guys (and women, though I think it's more common in men in today's society) only are able to get off on certain ideas (such as youth). Also, though I guess you don't really know this yet but, certain things will make an experience, ahem, shorter. Those things are definetly mental. Look at role play. The reason for that is because it can be more arrousing.

bbcboy....I'm pretty sure Jesus has already locked heaven away from me

Why Tyler are you hitting on me?:eek:

How cool:D:D

Not sure you could handle my level of debauchery tho'
Maybe I'll have to go easy on ya!

Well... I don't need it anyways... :D:D

But if someone needs, try meditation. I have a hard time trying to wake up my kundalini because my energy instead of going to my Root Chackra, it's deviated to... er... another place... :rolleyes:

Er... Tyler...

I know you are hetero (as me...:D) and like women (as me...:D)... so I would like to warn you that bbcboy is not a girl...

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What say Tyler?
We have a family friend who played with her husband's "it" and it did not get hard for many years. It caused too many problems - finally they got a divorce....(there were severe mental/emotional problems associated with it)

I'm sure I'll get there one day.... 'scuse me, there's a nail needs knocking in :)