What is your sign? Choose by your birthdate

  • Aries Mar21-Apr19

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Taurus Apr20-May20

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Gemini May21-Jun 21

    Votes: 5 11.1%
  • Cancer Jun22-Jul22

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Leo Jul23-Aug22

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Virgo Aug23-Sep22

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • Libra Sep23-Oct22

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Scorpio Oct23-Nov21

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Sagittarius Nov22-Dec21

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Capricorn Dec22-Jan19

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Aquarius Jan19-Feb18

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Pisces Feb19-Mar20

    Votes: 6 13.3%

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My little brother is also a Capricorn. I know three other people on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. Two of them are my favorite teachers, and I believe all three of them have the same birthday.
My aunt is a Sagittarius. I don't like her much.

One of my friends is a Sagittarius too. He's cool, though.

This is THE place for Virgos, though. Perfect . . . not.
I share a sun sign with many great people throughout history:
Albert Einstein
Wyatt Earp
Dr. Suess
Edgar Cayce
I wonder who reads horoscopes anymore.

There is a horoscope that everyone should read, and I offer it my unabashed endorsement. Folks in Seattle get it weekly in The Stranger, and anyone can pick up a weekly horoscope at Free Will Astrology (formerly Breszny's Real Astrology).

My horoscope for this week (Sept. 9, 2004):

If you believe your body is inherently sinful or if you're offended by references to your private parts, stop reading now. Still here? Good. The fact is, dear Gemini, that this is a perfect time to celebrate, explore, and reinvent your relationship with your genitals. It's your sacred duty to strip away every negative association about them that you may have acquired in the past. Do whatever it takes to arrive at the understanding that your sexual organs are among the most sublime gifts the Divine Creator has given you. Have fun with them, worship them, teach them greater discipline, and in general lift them to the exalted state they deserve.

Source: Free Will Astrology

Even on those occasions that I feel like I'm a step ahead of Breszny, I still take his advice as basis for abstract reexamination of principle and outcome. It's the best horoscope going.

Wait, wait, wait: I should give a horsocope for a sign that I'm not, since I have a nearly abject faith in my own. Hmm ... Capricorn ... I see at the top of the page there's a Capricorn.

In my mind, there are no ambiguities about your immediate future. Here are the three precise formulas that sum up all you need to know. 1. If you clean out the stultifying chaos in your closet, your garage, or your mind, you will set in motion events that will ultimately bring you in contact with fretile, delightful chaos. 2. As soon as you dispense with once-useful stuff you don't need any more, you will be delivered from a supposedly "necessary" evil. 3. If you cut down on your use of careless language and tame your reflex to judge people harshly, you will be given the key to a treasure you didn't even know existed.

Source: Free Will Astrology

Capricorns, you tell us ... I know a Pisces who holds these horoscopes in similarly high regard. I know a Sagittarius who laughs at them but refuses to take anything not related to money or baseball or booze seriously. And I know a Libra who won't read hers because she doesn't like the way it speaks to her. There's also a Cancer, but a blonde, so you tell me ....

We love Breszny up here. Read it. Trust me. (New horoscopes every Thursday, as I recall.)
Well, the horoscopes on that site are funny, perhaps I should heed mine:

This week you may frequently experience a psychological state called "schizofriendia." As defined by one of my readers, Lewis, schizofriendia is a condition in which people hear voices in their heads that are unfailingly supportive, encouraging, and keen to offer constructive advice about how to make the most of everything that happens. It's true, my fellow Cancerian, that in the past the little voices in our heads have only occasionally been reliable sources of information. But they will more than compensate for that during the Golden Age of Self-Healing that's just ahead.

Please excuse my prevailing madness.
Logically Unsound said:
dont ask me, i havent got a clue.
You're a bleeding capricorn.

spuriousmonkey said:
This forum doesn't seem suited for Sagittarius if you look at the poll results. Not a single one yet.

I'm Sagittarius. Sign of the archer. I'm not too happy about being part horse though. Quite the predicament at the toilet. said:
"What is the most fun, productive, and liberating action I can take right now?"
splendit, not a bad idea at all, I think i'll do just that
Free Will Astrology said:
In many cultures, the dove has served as a symbol of divinity, purity, and peace. To Muslims and Christians, for instance, it represents the Holy Spirit. In contrast, the pigeon is often regarded as a nuisance whose prolific droppings are an eyesore and health hazard. And yet the terms "dove" and "pigeon" are used interchangeably for many species of birds; they're essentially the same. I mention this, Leo, because I think you'll have a dove-pigeon thing happening for you this week. A certain situation will have both a lyrical, harmonious side and a banal, bedraggled aspect. They go together; you can't have the dove without the pigeon.

That last part . . . it's like they were psychic. Normally I don't expect horoscopes based only on yer sun sign to be amazingly accurate, but MAN! What happened on the 10th (after this horoscope was published) was I talked to someone about something serious. It built a level of trust, but it also made a major conflict within myself.

. . . *Sigh* I wish my horoscope were about my genitals. Tiassa, I'm jealous!
Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
As the relentless nihilism of the mass media threatens to quash our ability to even perceive, let alone exult in life's glorious beauty, we need new words to remind us to see with our own eyes. I have one: mirabilia, which is actually an old term that hasn't been used much in the last 400 years. Its literal definition is "marvels that inspire wonder," but I'd like to add the following nuances: beguiling curiosities, enigmatic joys, changes that inspire amused awe, and sudden deliverance from boring evils. I'm happy to report that you Virgos, more than any other sign, are currently poised to see, create, and attract mirabilia.
Entropy said:
If I was born at 12:00am on Sept 23 that makes me a libra right?

Actually, no. The sun doesn't move into a sign exactly at midnight. They just round the time off to a date so the average Joe or Jane can find their sun sign quickly.

I'm assuming ya were born at midnight. Ye'r most likely a Virgo. But ye'r on the cusp of Virgo. Ya'll most likely exibit the traits of both Virgo and Libra, though Virgo will count the most.

Of course, ya need to know when the sun moved into Libra in the year ya were born, cuz the dates vary slightly from year to year. Or ya can go to a site that will draw yer birth chart for free. is a good place. And it's free.

Go there with the time of day ya were born (as in clock time), and make sure that time is accurate - down to the minute if possible. Scroll down, and look for "Horoscope Chart Drawings" in the center near the bottom. Click on "Chart Drawing, Ascendant". Enter all the info they ask for. Then they will give ya yer chart, and it will tell ya whether yer sun is in Virgo or Libra. Ya can also find yer Ascendant and Moon sign, as well as all yer planetary signs.

Hope that helps! Oh, and tell me what yer Ascendant and Moon sign are, okay?
ha ha

I just had a total maniacal jolt when I read this...I feel like going out and destroying something....
The cosmos is finally ready to discharge you from your heavy, dark assignments. Your main duty in the coming weeks is to seek relief and release in the most constructive ways possible. Celebrate, Libra, don't thrash. Rejoice and look to the future, don't thunder against the ordeal you've completed. I nominate the exuberant Libran poet Michael McClure to be your role model during this time. The poet Aaron Shurin has described McClure as a reveler who "puts the attitude in beatitude," and as an alchemist who's "fluent in two languages, English and Beast." That's exactly what you should be like as you lift your own spirits. Now please read aloud this paraphrase of a McClure poem: "GRAHHRR! RAHHR! RAHRIRAHHR! HRAHR! I'm not sugar, I'm love looking for sugar!"

ha ha.....graaaaahhhhrrr
Oh, man! I wish I had yer horoscope, Magi! GRAHHRR!!!! I'm not sugar, I'm love looking for sugar!

. . . I think that's my new pick-up line. :p
The whole beatnik thing is so......not my thing.

I feel I have gone mad....I'm sure of for posts may contain it. That is really odd and awful isn't it.

raaahhhrrr...dooble boodle...

crazed. yes I'm crazed now. I never should have read splendidly awful. :eek:
It's okay to be crazed. I'm like that every day! GRAHHRR!

. . . Ah, and I see ya changed yer user title. Hehe!