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Young-Earthers (IAC):

When God created animals, did he create only the "Super-Genetic" hyper mutts only, or did he create hundreds or thousands of "variations of syngameons" or species?
Have you no respect for the Biology and Genetics forum?

You badly misspelled the technical term syngameon in your title, so what was your purpose in doing so NDS?
You spelled it horribly wrong in the title, and then correctly in your first post, why is this?

Actually, I didn't spell it wrong in the title. You should try "Hooked on Phonics," I hear it works great!!!

And why should I have respect for a "technical" term which receives 1,380 search results on Google, most of which are repeats? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

With 1,380 search results, I can see how widely accepted the term is in science. Again, where did you get your degree in Biology?
The verdict is: Since you undoubtedly have realized that my single question in post #1 disproves your entire Global Flood theory (which is why you won't answer it, obviously), you are guilty of being a moron!!!
That's just swell but you did not accurately present my position, so the moron is in the mirror there NDS.

The question, as you posed it, is nonsensical, but that's not surprising actually.
When God created animals, birds, etc. what were the animals like? Was there a lot of diversity in the first 2,000 years of the earth, or were all the animals "hyper mutts"? Can you elaborate (probably not)?
Ok, the theory doesn't work with your YEH - the "syngameons" appeared millions and hundreds of millions of years prior to Noah. It don't work and you can't fix it. Give up the literalism.
There are numerous examples of species that divided from a parent species and are no longer even remotely capable of interbreeding. One example, ants evolved from wasps.
The differentiation of those species occurs millions of years prior to the existence of any humans. Noah is a human. So...