In the case of the syngameon which includes all the variations of cats, they probably looked like cats, and bird syngameon pairs, probably like birds.

"God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind."

Hmmmmmm. So according to the bible, God didn't create "syngameon pairs" for birds (or cattle). Instead he created the individual species. So your statement above contradicts the bible.

From the fossil record, we know that there were literally thousands, if not millions of different "species" of animals living, according to you, pre-Deluge. What this means, is that:

a) God didn't create hyper mutts (Noah ark type animals with tons of DNA info), instead he created all the separate species found in the fossil record on day 5 and 6.

b) God created hyper mutts for some or all of the five categories of animals, and they produced the variation seen in the fossil record

If a is true, then your syngameon theory is moot, since Noah had no "hyper mutts" available on the earth to take on the ark.

If b is true, then your syngameon theory is moot because the hyper mutts would not have been able to survive for 2000 years. Their "descendents" would be the only one's left. This is proven by the fact that there are no "hyper mutt" animals, or evidence for them, in existence today. Therefore in case (b) Noah would have no hyper mutts to bring on the ark either.
Troll alert.

[ENC]Syngameon[/ENC]s are clearly defined in science and the troll IAC is twisting the definition for religious purposes.
Oh, I see, so what animal did humans supposedly evolve from?

...what are you arguing? That Noah wasn't human? That he was around in aeons gone by to load the animals on the Ark, because he was a more distant ancestor of humans himself and therefore contemporaneous with ancient forms? Noah was a monkey? What?

Give up on the literalism.
But of course! We have his remains carefully preserved in [enc]East Korea[/enc].

I was answering it as related to the issue of syngameons. If you want to switch topics, that's fine, but let's do that then and call a win for me on the syngameon issue.

Again: Noah is a recent animal. Dinosaurs are not. Carbon dating shows they are hundreds of millions of years old. Noah couldn't possibly have put them or their syngameons or even their gonads on the Ark. It doesn't work.

Look: no one - or at least not me - is arguing against God or what have you. God can't be tested. (He even says so, so I think your entire argument is heretical.) But literalism is nonsense. You can still be a Christian and believe in evolution and a non-literal interpretation of events. Just ask the Pope.