GeoffP, how can Carbon dating show that creatures are millions of years old?

Radioactive decay. Unless you think radioactivity has syngameons now.

As for which primate (not necessarily ape), Homo habilis or something similar. Prior to that, something in the Australopithecus genus. Prior to that, probably Ardipithicus.

Anyway, they were probably all on the Ark. Not so? Come on, man.
Whoopsie. Yeah, that would be U-235 wouldn't it?

Meh. Never took paleontology. My cousin was a pretty good one though. So sue me.
Well, I leave it to you:

They occur further back in time; then, disappear. Mass suicide? Couldn't take being out of the garden any longer? Evolution and extinction? Your call.

They show greater similarity to monkeys and less to ourselves the further back one goes.

They share less and less % sequence similarity to humans with increasing "simianism".

Now, if you want to demand more evidence, go ahead, but you don't strike me as the kind of person that would have let OJ off. "How much do you need?" might be a good question here. "Would you ever change your opinion?" would be another.
Oy. Madness.

Anyway, again: nothing wrong with being a theist. Be fruitful and multiply. But literalism is a madman's road, to nowhere.
Darwinian change should be noticeable in nature, at least "punctuated equilibrium," but it's not, and for thousands of mutations to happen to be good for a creature as it serendipitously moves into a new ecological niche is beyond the pale, so I guess the jury is still out shall we say.
Why can't you prove that 10 million species evolved from 20,000 "kinds" or "syngameons"?

How did polar bears suddenly sprout webbed feet in a few generations? Punctuated equilibrium?

The bottom line is, as I have proven before, Noah did not have any "hyper mutts" to bring on the ark. They simply were not there. Only in IAC's fantasy world.
Let's assume that the "bear" syngameon pair on the ark had black fur, white spots, normal (not webbed feet), etc. How did it suddenly give birth to an all white fur bear, with webbed feet?