Why supposedly no apes on the Ark?

Chimpanzees and humans are more closely related than, for instance, some species of very similar looking birds. I assume the purpose of your theory is to account for the space and care requirements Noah must have needed to save all the species that exist today. You do this by assuming all related species aren't species at all, but more like mutts, variations within a breeding population. Well, apes are no more likely to breed with humans than bobcats and tigers, but you classify them as the same biblical "kind", for which you use the word "syngameon". Having Noah and his family on board would make catching another representative of the great ape syngameon unnecessary.

If humans and apes are not in the same syngameon, then you must explain what exactly differentiates such morphologically similar animals. And by extension, why other morphologically dissimilar animals can be considered as part of one group.
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