Telepathy: Questions/Thots for believers.

What's to "believe in"? I don't care if someone believes or not.

I have had a couple of experiences that don't require me to become a mystic, for some reason. I have no good reason to doubt reasonable assumptions.

It's the folks who parade and shout and want to fight about their beliefs that piss me off.

I'm just fine walking in the dark... Y'all should get over it and visit a Gypsy graveyard or something really enlightening. Really.
I was hoping for responses from folks who believe in telepathy.

Crickets chirping in the background as far as attracting those? Then perhaps you've uncovered one of the very few items that there is a shortage of belief in on this board. Or else one that has some of the most lackadaisical and unversed followers.
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This thread makes as much sense as a thread trying to determine how fast a unicorn can gallop or the average weight of a leprechaun.
I do not believe in telepathy, but am aware that many folks do believe in it or at least consider it to be possible.

I was hoping to get answers from those who believe it is possible and/or from those who consider it to be an ability which some folks actually have.

BTW: Circa 1930 a professor Rhine from Duke University administered some clinical studies relating to telepathy & other psychic abilities.

His experimental design was flawed. It was equivalent to having a large number of people guess heads or tails for coin flips. Those who guessed right would be further tested. He reported some number of very successful guessers. Of course for coin flips, you would expect would expect circa 1 out of 1024 individuals to guess correctly 10 times in a row. When you identify some lucky guessers, nothing strange has occurred.​

I think Rhine used 100 cards with symbols on them. There were 5 symbols. Random guessing would result in a bell shaped curve with 20 the most common result. If enough people were tested, you would expect a few with zero correct answers & a similar number with 20 correct.

If Rhine had reported the total number of people tested & found results different from the expected bell shaped plot, his experiment would be significant.Even if 20 was the average result, an obviously unsymmetrical plot or a plot different from that expected would be significant, indicating some bias not explainable by main stream probability analysis.

Unfortunately he did not report the total number tested & may not have kept complete records.

I often wondered if he did not understand statistics/probability or if he had an agenda which he was trying to validate.
I reported a engine on the space shuttle that had a problem with it. I told a doctor about it as well so that if there was any question of when I did this I had a witness to back me up. NASA double checked that engine and did find something wrong and replaced that engine which lead to a perfect take off with no problems at all. I have done other things like that with different things from time to time. I found that there was no reason as to why I had a premonition and no reason as to what I got the premonition about to begin with, they just came to me. I'm just glad to have been able to help others with my "gift" and still do help whenever I can.

I'm not a person who believes in this kind of ability so I am quite surprised whenever I get these premonitions and still can't figure out why I'm given this gift since I am not one to think that this could ever happen to me but it does.
What a load of crock.

Of course you could point us to the news paper article or the NASA statement that says how you "saved" the shuttle.
What a load of crock.

Of course you could point us to the news paper article or the NASA statement that says how you "saved" the shuttle.

No I cannot. It is up to only me too know what I have done and I never once wanted to be known that I did help out. It is up to you to either believe it or not because I don't really care what you think about what I say. Have you ever found me lying in any of my statements? I don't seek attention so whenever I help out I do it just because I can and have done so many times.
Good, because except for the usual woo merchants I doubt anyone does.
I "choose" to believe you Cosmictraveler. whether or not it was coincidence or actual precognition, i believe it happened
A load of crock then.
Are trying to tell us that you don't think if some random person calls NASA and says, "I dreamed there is something wrong with the shuttles engine", that they wouldn't check the engines? Neither do I.:rolleyes:
What a load of crock.

Of course you could point us to the news paper article or the NASA statement that says how you "saved" the shuttle.
Even just a news story where NASA delayed a launch to change an engine would be something, I guess... and changing an engine is no small feat to perform, I can assure you, and would have delayed a launch by weeks, as they would have to check and test all the other engines for the same issue.

Cosmictraveler, to say you are not someone "who believes in this kind of ability" when it has happened to you, from what you write, on more than just this one occasion, and not only that but you act on this ability (i.e. you contacted NASA)... to then claim "I'm not a person who believes in this kind of ability"... smacks of delusion.
I'm not sure how else to describe failure to believe in that which you subsequently act on? It would be like not believing in the existence of ice-cream as you eat from a tub of Ben & Jerry's. :confused: