I agree Wet1...

The CIA, FBI, NSA and other law enforcement departments of the US, and even our allies deserve a lot more credit then they've got. Every time theres a terrorist act, they get the blame, but if they told the public how many threats there are, and how many acts have been adverted, people would be walking down the street in gas masks, with First Aid kits under their arms.

The government isn't all bad.
hey all
wet1 - thecurly1
Very good points!

I think it must be related to a form of respect that we seem to have lost for those like police, government agencies and especially teachers!
Which, one could go as far to say that this has helped to create some or even a large part of the problem :/
A sour pill to swallow.
Unfortunately the incompetence is now running soo deep inside these organizations that nothing short of a social shift will facilitate the upgrade. : (
IM crossing my fingers but not holding my breath!

groove on all :)
Show your support for the government, police, and teachers. You never know you could influence the future President. Not that I'm infering anything. :D
If majority did not support this government, they would not be here (OR would they!)

I do not have much respect for Police or Teachers. There are too few good ones that really care! Then again people in general do not care for others. And the same people go to the church every Sunday. Believe it or not, majority of people go to church every Sunday and/or Wednesday (some group). And the preacher talks about how to be nice, love the fellow human, gives example from the bible...on and on...Then what happens, everything goes from one ear to the other without stopping anywhere. These jaded, brainwashed people , at the end of the church service, leave to do more violence, greed, lust, ad infinitum...

What this has to do with the topic you ask? Terrorists are human beings who are malcontent with status quo. Hitler was a terrorist. He had problem growing up and he took out on the entire planet. How come no one was smart enough to notice it - when he was rising with power? We could have prevented one of the saddest story of human history.

Let us talk about prevention. What we really can do so that an individual or a small group can not do mega damage to our society.

INDIVIDUAL: Lone man, mentally dearranged, gets hold of a weapon (or builds one). There is no real solution after the fact. He or she is going to go out do that stuff whether it is school shooting or whatever. The only prevention is that as a society if we live in harmony and awareness, someone will notice the problem child to mentor/help from day one so that the incident will never happen. This is not 100 percent but we will be in good shape.

GROUPS: Groups are somewhat easy. People talk. A collection of crazy people at the same place and time is rare (except in mental inst.). So usually one person leads and the others follow because they can not think for themselves. Since these people have to interact with the society, people who care can notice oddities and pass the information to the right authorities. It happens all the time. You can call up an FBI agent or a police and talk to a case officer if you believe there is something fishy about a certain situation. The reason most people do not call the authorities is because, the would be terrorist does not hang out with saints. So the informant will be scared to talk to authorities in case they find some minor stuff that can cause problem. So the only other choice is for FBI to monitor the weapon supply from outside. You know, how that will go.

And if people do not care, then the boiling pot is overlooked and boom....

NATIONS: This is a well organized, well funded, more like war in the guise of terrorism. Embassy bombing etc. This is between the Military and State department. Because, it is based on ideological principles or vendetta or whatever the other party wants. If I were in charge of this, I will go for an eye for an eye routine. Since we are nice people, I will first try diplomacy. Negotiate what it is we need to do to "get along" and be magnanimous about it - because we have the fire power and we are rich.

It is a little more complex than that, but I am tired of typing. We can solve this issue, other ways. People who trade together usually do not fight. May be that nation has something to offer in return for our medicine, education (but not our technology in naked women!) and so on.

Everyday, the world depends on you/they....

Nuclear plant operators

and may be the president (not to push the red button...)
and so on....

Everyone has a contribution, how insignificant it may be over the passage of time...
It is a metaphor meaning nuclear deployment. Like the Red Phone, a Red Button to blow up the planet!!!

Imagine a Red Button linked to the nuclear silos and lunch system....I think I saw it in Austin Powers....