The 1st annual best Awards thread, Award thread

Which awards thread gets the award

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Militant wiseguy
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With so many awards threads active I thought what we really needed to make sense of them all was a "best Awards thread, Award thread" so here it is. So far in the running we have

1.Arditezza. For her work in "Yet another awards thread"

2.Spuriousmonkey. (Is he monkey or scientist) for his thought provoking "The 1st spuriousmonkey's Sciforum awards"

3.Dr LouNatic. For his groundbreaking and socially irreverant "Dr Lou Natic's 1st annual "Fart" awards (aka "the farties") "

4.The fountainhed. For his "The REAL 4th Hed's sciforums awards " after an abortive start on his earlier work "4th HED's Sciforums Awards"

So hurry out and vote early to beat the inevitable last minute crowds.
Aaah the pain im split, by choices so hard to chose, only one must be chosen.
Looks like Award threads are sprouting like mushrooms. Perhaps I should also start one, with me as the only choice for "Best living being ever". :D
I will now give the reasons why my awards thread (spuriousmonkey) is the best award thread.

We live in dangerous times. A war on terrorism is being waged to protect 'freedom'. In fact it is not freedom that is being protected, it is freedom being raped. And what has this got to do with sciforums awards you might ask?

The answer is everything. Our society is being fucked up because we are more and more adopting the McDonald's moral values. Bigger is better, fatter is better, some people are better than other people, some posters are better than other posters.

Some people might have noticed that anyone who wants to be nominated for best poster in my awards thread automatically gets nominated and a reason will be given why. That is simply because in my eyes everybody is equal. The idea of a best poster is a ridiculous concept pushed upon us by the intrusion in our morals of a rather dark thought. That some people are more equal than others. More and more our society is being build on this concept. The awards here are a reflection of this evil thought.

Hence I will nominate everybody who wants to be nominated in my thread and I will find a reason why this person is a best poster. Because we all are.

End of rant.