The biggest planet in the universe

Unknown at this point.

A lot depends on how one defines "planet". If a planet gets large enough, maybe several times the mass of Jupiter, it starts to slide into "brown dwarf star" territory. These are objects classified as "stars" rather than "planets", but that aren't massive enough to sustain fusion reactions at their core.

There are probably lots of these. Probably some of them orbit around more massive stars and satisfy that criterion for being a "planet".

So my opinion is that the dividing line between "planet" and "star" is kind of vague and arbitrary and there are probably countless objects that straddle that gap.

Probably not. I'd guess that these kind of objects are more along the lines of our solar system's gas giants. They may indeed have iron cores though.
I'll all that support for what passes as technical aspects of my #5.
Sorry my last post had some text input issues. Corrected response:
"I'll take that as support for what passes as technical aspects of my #5."
And of course your mention of needing to orbit a bona fide (not necessarily shining brightly) star is relevant to the whole definition. Except, spanner in the works - the concept of planetary bodies freely wandering in interstellar space has for quite some time become accepted as fact or near certainly so. The astronomical zoo keeps expanding
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UY Scuti is the biggest star.
But it is a massive fireball with hydrogen and helium.
No solid in the star.

Any star contains solid materials?
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Yes, short of drinkable water also, food also becoming shortage,
inflation is coming,
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