The detailed protocol of the open field test for social behavior


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Good day guys :smile:

I have already opened this thread at another web-forum, but unfortunately nobody replied me

I need your help. I am going to run the open field test for social behavior, I need to put two rats in open field arena and then to measure what time they will spend close to each other or far from each other, also to see the distance they cover. Essentially, I need to assess the social isolation caused by certain substance administered to rats.

But the problem is that I do not have detailed protocol for such test. I searched in google and various sites/papers give various information during how much time the test should be run (during 5 min, 10 min and etc.) Also, I need to know during how many days the rats should be isolated before test (some papers indicate that rats should be isolated for 10 days before test begins)? Can you help me? Are you aware of such tests? :rolleyes: