The Devil and Jesus.

As I said, defining the devil is tricky business. Hitler helped pull Germany out of financial crisis, but later turned to world war and genocide. If you see Trump marching us in the same direction, please explain how.
Because it's a big panto! Trump,Kim Song,Johnson, it's a joke. Just laugh, none of them have a switch.
Why couldn't he? How could he forget the boss he told "Take this job and shove it up the Void"?
You'll understand if you read the forty nights in the desert with satan. satan was more confused then he was before he met Jesus.
The devil is hatred and the anti-christ is a double negative like non-violence and invincibility. They can create safety themselves and recieve nirvana ever after in hell. However, they rebelled against the angel ALL MIGHTY, with nihilistic invincibility and over ran mankind causing their suffering.

All I know is Jesus wants no part in war (good & evil) and will allow all of hell to end to passive equanimity.