The Language of Love

I like Gustav's writing style. It has character. It's like finding the cryptic notebook of a long-dead professor. Brain to paper, eschewing all middlemen.
Fraggle Rocker said:
On an international forum, we are all careful to be kind and tolerant toward non-anglophones who are struggling to master our difficult language, but you clearly do not fall into that category.
I rather assumed he does. I'm thinking Finnish for some reason. A name like Gustav certainly doesn't suggest a natural-born English speaker to me. Gustav?
I like Gustav's writing style.

i try to be efficient as possible
i strive to expend a minimum of energy

............replacing sentences, with a single word whilst imparting meaning, whenever possible. an ideal state of affairs.

funny thing is, the shit starts frikkin looking and sounding like a poem!

Perhaps you will find the moderator more indulgent of your slothful and arrogant attitude toward orthographic conventions on a board whose topic is not language itself.

when you are under my roof.......
mind your p's and q's in here.
we march to a different drum


i'll do an open letter
screw you frag
you've gone quite mad you know
expect hell

all this distraction from a hysterical, attention seeking, power crazed mod
couldnt just leave it be
the sky would have not fallen

you've changed, man, changed!
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it is quite insidious how this was trolled to death thus justifying the move to cess. sneaky!
i suspect a conspiracy by the Sciforums Sugar and Spice Lovers Caucus to suppress all info that unveils and exposes their nefarious plans and tactics

i weep for the children

cmon kids
its nap nap nappy time
today we are going to practice sleeping without any clothes on

i'm taking this to science and society; needs some clean up but an interesting pov
pardon must keep on topic. love lingo, thats it

heeey little girl, are you lost? lets go find mummy

bite me casanova

you know, pedophilia aint that bad!

it does have it lighter moments lemme share an incident a rocker pal recited..
you guys all knew lil britney yes? well they were going into the woods and brit, god bless her, whined about being scared, its dark blah. i tell, the rocker gave a her stern lecture on selfishness. he explained to her he will be twice as frightened as she ise cos he has to walk out of the woods alone. she stopped crying.................for a bit

/ha ha
/wild applause
i demand you retain the one prior to this post
a classic post if there ever was one

if you refuse. leave in cess
fuck that no good filthy piece of shit moderator for putting me thru this
fuck you frag
that was inadequate
double fuck you frag

demented senile old coot
love you sam

provoke and incite
respond in kind

tried and tested technique
works all the time
in fact i request all my thread be moved to cess

closing out sale 99% off all item
bye bye negroes

dont forget to cross t and dot i