The Language of Love

Gustave: lucy
you know who i was? /cackle

Who were you Gustave?

Oh no don't say you were spookz! Its not possible!

Hey Gustav don't tempt the mods they'll close this thread.

Maxg: I know, the news of abuse that reaches the public is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how sick some of the stories actually are. I remember one where a brother and sister both under the age of 12 were systematically abused by both parents. They were handed over to other's for sexual purposes, forced to sleep with each other, both parents and household pets. I remember when the story came out it was so devastating I secretly wondered why they just didn't put both kids to sleep out of compassion. I know it sounds terrible, but I couldnt begin to think of what emotional or psychological intervention could possibly take place to salvage their lives, it seemed as if they were so abused they were destroyed.

I think just punishment should be for both parents to be used in a snuff film. Bastards!

Anyone care to recommend which books by Vachss is worth reading? The movie Hard Candy is based on one of his books, I've seen it but thought it was crap.
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and , spuirious, being the smart chap he is, directs this attitude, not towards imbecilic humanoids, but rather, towards life[b/]. being humble is efficient. it aids in the input of data.
so what could this shit be? a power relationship? unlikely. groveling? certainly not. what then, fucker?

i'll keyword ya....

.......assumptions/preconception/rigidity/agenda, blah--->bad
.......face value/open minded/generous/patience/reasonable/curiosity/dignity---->good

you are just jealous :D

dont you just wish you could evoke that kind of adulation? i've amassed quite a collection, y'know. wanna take a look at my "homage" album? and cuddle perhaps? some hot cocoa? a dirty, dirty fuck?

oops, now i'm humbled by me!

/more shock/more awe
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