The most beautiful man

Well i finally found a pic of his tatts...


are you scared, inzomnia?? lol
He's cute!!! I like the way he's holding his cute little hands over his mouth like that. He reminds me of Eddie Yeats:

Then it must not also be half obvious that I aren't. I just think we have different taste in guys, that's all.
Well, before you said that people thought you looked like some old dude, but now you're saying you like men....
No, no, I didn't say that they said that I look like him! I said that they say that I remind them of him - BIG difference!!!

As for saying that I look like guys - which guys?? Besides, you like guys too, so.. :confused:
I don't know. I'm really confused... :shrug:

I'm a girl by the way, so i'm allowed to like guys.

Come on clear the confusion, are you a guy or a girl (you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but i'm so confused..)

i don't know why but i kinda got the impression that you were a guy. Shoot me if i'm wrong... :confused:
This is a guy who probly looks very cute and innocent type:


I dunno who he is though he's on the internet, but so tasty.

Cowboy-type guy:


Same, but fake this time!!!


It takes all kinds though because everyone's different!!
This is really not clearing up any confusion.
My head is like a muddled mess of crap whirling around... i think i'm going insane. *sigh*

Ok i can tell you don't wanna reveal your gender, so i'm just gonna assume you're a girl. lol

Does anyone else catch the irony that this man went into great length to trim his facial hair, but left the frenzy and chaos known as his chest hair untouched and on public display?

A man of hidden depths?
Ok... Would you shag this one if he was a girl.. lol


I would! (but i'd rather he stay a man) lol
He's cute. I like his little squashed face. I prolly would've stopped everyone from squashing his face and flushing his head down the toilets in school.