The most beautiful man

omg,hott. my living fantasy exists in utter perfect detail. how can this be? yowza, goddamn u r freaky hot n stylin, we groove baby, i get u & understand u *sigh*

hot baby, dun look at me like that. i need a cold shower. lol
What about Joseph Goebbels?


And guess what, ladies? He was a doctor. What a catch!
Te amo, mon cheri je t'aime, anatao muchu nano, saranghae...

u wer so damn sexy

u wer so damn cute

u r so damn hawt
i think u should get temporary ban for that, as a matter of fact, i'm going to request it.


Because, honestly and objectively, yur guys are a much better candidate for anyone losing their lunch.

It's blatant bigotry and unfairness when i have to look at ugly men posted by you and everyone else. And this is getting ridiculous.

If you have such bad, reverse the fuck taste to think "my" guys are somehow anywhere near upchuck producing, you are fucking insane lady. Period.
u ugly farts know my guys are young, hot, and fine. it bothers you because you are probably ugly yourselves.
Sorry to disappoint Peta, I'm older but not ugly.
My self esteem in the looks/bod department has been assured since I was about 22.
Your boy/boys ( they are all clones as far as I can tell) are cute but just plain pooncy and appear completely conceited and gormless.
My guys appear gormless, i see. No one else's, i see.

That's quite retarded of you considering three of the band members were top students in their class. As a matter of fact, two of them scored perfect on their uni exams and all of them are attending college in addition to their hectic music career.

It seems you are not only conceited but gormless and presumptuous.

Fuck off, you annoying twits.
Yeah but they still look gormless...and hapless, witless and gutless.

They need some life scars and shit.
U are sick. They are barely nineteen to twenty one years old. They will experience what they experience in life in their own time.

What an utterly stupid thing to say.
They are young men, braindead fart. I can post who i want just like everyone else has been doing.
People are free to insult the pics all they like. But if this descends into another slanging match between posters this thread is history.

And I doubt I'll allow another one like it.

And, just so you know, to be fair, the beautiful woman thread will go too.

Final warning.