The most beautiful man

xiah has nothing but beer, water and arm and hammer in his fridge. typical
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i like him au naturelle. without his clothes au naturelle would be even sweeter

man, i think he's gorgeous. i luv his face, bod, um everything. the one on the right, though the rest are cute too.

it's the hairstyle, but they are like rock stars. i think he is very handsome though i liked him better when he was younger like the pic above. i think it's because i know he is masculine and they are just normal guys with guy interests and girlfriends that i don't perceive them as feminine.
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it's ok, i don't need to be coaxed. it's so early though but i try to please.

stare me down

sitting on a stool, i wish i could spin him. lol

If I say he's not cute, I'm racist. But if you think Asians are the only cute men, is that racist?
How does that make sense? And typing your response like a hillbilly, is that racist?
they don't look like women to me. so..i dun like yur guys either. at least we agree on somethin..
that's because i wasn't the ones who shot first going around insulting other people's tastes, making sexist and culturally insensitive comments. that could be perceived as racist as anything, maybe not to you but could be to someone else.

if u don't agree.. that's yur perogative :shrug:
to me, they just look like some cute, hot guys. :shrug: but my favorite pics are from their tri-angle, advent fantasy. i don't perceive it as feminine but artistic and cool. i'll try to find the pic.