The most retarded forum leaders I ever saw

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LOL---and now, for your daily two minute dose of the enemy of freedom.....the scourge of sciforums.......leader behind all the evils of this message board.... Emmanuel Goldstein.

look at his picture.....LOOK AT IT!

Boooooooo! Booooooo! Kill Goldstein!! Boooooo!! He is the enemy!!!! Burn Goldstein!!!! Buuuuuurrrnn!!!
There is a beautiful old historical synagogue down the street here. What is the protocol for visiting a synagogue?

There isn't one. You just zip up the human suit, and off you go. Be sure to tuck the tail into one of the pantlegs tho. Embarrassing!
To bad Forest isn't great team anymore. :(

Last night game was fantastic! But tonight, it would be even better game, I'm sure.

For teh win! :mufc:

Anyway this isn't subject of this thread.

From 8 to 74 posts in one night! That's impressive, cactusneedles!

But, content of your posts isn't impressive at all. You failed to seize chance that has been given to you.

I briefly explained the concept of SciForums to you, but you obviously skip that post of mine.

I must admit that I'm not amused with all these things I've read in your posts.

I mean, you denied Chernobyl, Holocaust, you claimed that Jews kidnapped children without any proof, any single link. Your posts are full of muck that makes me sick.

Just look on this:

The showers were located beside the crematory ovens because the orderlies manipulating the typhus/cholera ridden corpses slated for cremation could wash up afterwards to avoid further contamination. Hitler and his 600 member jewish Third Riech adminstrators and clerks bent over backwards to provide more ovens because the jews were being ravaged by typhus and cholera. I believe the International Red Cross confirmed these infections and the measures to keep them under control a long time ago.

Would you like to hear my theories about the concentration camp money and how the tattoos link up with that?

That's the most stupid explanation of Holocaust horror I've ever heard!

cactusneedles, I gave you a chance, but I think SciForums isn't place for you. Obviously, you're just a troll who violated forum rules more than once.
You've been banned for three days and that didn't help at all. You can't offer anything productive to this community.

So, we shall not keep you. We won't call you George even.

You're banned, for good.

Now, you could spread the word to the rest of the world, how evil we really are.
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