The most retarded forum leaders I ever saw

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Well i didn't think so but you lot are all "knowy-knowy" and so I thought it might be a joke.

Sorry path. All your trenches are belong to me.
I thought scientists were logical and not prone to emotional outbursts that cloud reason and better judgement.
Scientists are human too. Emotional outbursts that "cloud reason and better judgment" are kept out science, not life.
You think about as well as you spell and write.
No, not path - duh. But who? Can a member of the Jewish mafia check out some IP addresses here, please, and get back to me?
Most Jews I know avoid German cars like the plague. Most even avoid Fords, but I would rather support a US company than a foriegn one. Are you saying no Jews bought a Pinto? How did they know not to, is there some underground Jewish boycot newsletter that I failed to see?

How did jews know not to buy Pintos? Obviously you jest. Civil war generals used to complain that the jews always seemed to know what was going on before everybody else. Jews have the most sophisticated and stealthiest communications ever known to mankind. They communicate through their global networks of synagogues, public schools, and medias. When we finally uncover the names of those driving the big cars that rammed these Pintos from behind will we discover a trainload of jewish names? I wonder. Why don't you share your infinite wisdom with us and tell us why the insurance companies let that fallacy burn over 900 adults and kids alive for ten years before making safe changes? I noticed you had streered clear of answering that.
I already did it, Red:

he's got the totally anonymous net-ID of no_name.

Go to the no_name profile and find the link to my personal website. I have never posted anon on the web. Anyone that asks politely is told who I am. While you are there go read my post history. I am member there for 3 years and have racked up over 7000 posts and was never banned once. Stuff I got banned for here is generally regarded as pussy stuff there.
He didn't mean your wife, git.

Whatever. Did you know that the core of a fake nuclear reactor is filled with toaster-like elements stacked up and designed to bleed-off the excess energy produced by conventional sources? That the energy pours INTO these frauds instead of pouring out? When Chernobyl exploded I believe it was because some idiots directed too much excess energy into this fake reactor and exploded the core containing all those stacked elements that normally dissipate the energy excesses? Did you know that when that happened the nuclear hoaxsters were facing a grave problem in that the public masses might get suspicious if no deaths resulted from so-called radioactive fallout? Can you believe that they actually poisoned the locals and exposed them to very high doses of x-ray energy in the guise of medical prognostics to mimick the radiation poisoning the incredule masses were expecting?
Bien, quand même: va chie, `tit gar. Le forum c`est plein des vrais adultes. Comprend?
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