The other side of the world. Antipodes.

Is the Hellas Basin on the other side of Mars from the Tharsis Bulge?
Yes but not quite antipodal.

These are geographical features thousands of kilometres across (both the largest in the Solar System), on a planet with 3/10ths the area of Earth.
Oh yeah, and on the edge of the bulge: the deepest, widest crustal rip in the Solar System: Valles Canyon.

Planets are bouncy if you hit them hard enough. Maybe harmonics plus the angular velocity could conspire to shift the antipodal features by that much?

Just a random thought...
If an impact cause a noticeable bulge on the other side of the planet it wouldn't last long, just long enough for the shattered planet to disperse.
That might depend on when the impact occurred: If this happened during the "late heavy bombardment", the planet might have been just a bit more bouncy.

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