The Picture Thread Mark II


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It's me on the midsummer's eve sawing driftwood for the bonfire​
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It reminds me of a wallpaper where this girl is looking at you but then you couldnt see her cause the sun is shining towards you. Is there a picture where we could see your face?
What? Should I repost? I didn't know I'd be the last poster on the previous thread!

Rowdyruff Boys.
Sorry, I got childish a few days ago with my girlfriend and watched the Powerpuff Girls, I saw this one episode and I went on the net for these pictures. I think they're awesome.
That is him the one with the baseball cap. BTW spurious you were one hunka burnin love in the old days :p
I know...I am getting there again though. I give myself another month or so. It is already starting to look ok.

I scanned the picture because I was a bit annoyed with the muscle definition thread. It is all nonsense in my opinion to pretend that you need to stick to a good workout program to gain definition and muscle. Apparently I was doing everything wrong. I never did really follow a good schedule in my life. And this picture is taken 6 months after I started working out for the first time in my life. But it was basically already there after 3 months. And I started from scratch. never really did much exercise before.

You need genetic predisposition and just plain fanaticism. The whole efficient scientific based schedule is all nonsense. What you need is between the ears.

but this topic belongs more in the other thread I guess.
Ok, this picture looks somewhat dumb, I hate it when someone takes a picture of me while I am eating...

Geeze spurious, you look like a hard ass in that photo. It looks like you just killed someone and you're about to kill the photographer because he's seen too much.
You should photoshop a bloody hammer into your right hand :D
Yeah, and the background, this Rambo picture on the left (if I am not mistaken)...

I think Spurious is some kind of assasin :D
yeah, we should kill him, before he regains his strenght, or it'll be too late :eek:
Wow. Dreamwalker. You look a lot different in this picture from that other one you posted. The one where you were wearing some kind of cassock or something.

Damn, man. Eat something. Don't they serve schnitzel and saurkraut where you're from?

And my god, those ears!!!

No offense, I'm sure you'll grow into them. :D How tall are you? You look very tall in that picture for some reason.
Well, I am 2.03 meters...

And I do eat more than my parents combined, yet I don´t manage to put on weight.
And since I have longer hair now, you don´t see my ears that prominently anymore.
Get together with SpuriousMonkey for a workout regime. Then kill him before he get's too buff. :D

Edit: Yeesh. Just did a meters to feet conversion (why oh why don't we use the metric system???) and came up with 6.66 feet. Funny how it's the devil's number. :D

But, damn!!! Talk about tall. Hit any doorframes with your head or anything? :D
Well, but I can assure that I am not that thin anymore, but I do not have a camera around right now...

And I am already working out. :D
Dr Lou Natic said:
Geeze spurious, you look like a hard ass in that photo.

I have some really cool hardass pictures from when I was still making photos in art school. I have to scan them so I can't promise them today.
You know what someone should do? Go through the old picture thread and gather up all the working pics and links and give them to avatar to add to the first post in this thread. Make them all links rather than img tags. I suppose that some might not enjoy losing control over being able to delete their own picture should they choose to. But, they could always ask a mod to do so if they wished. What say you? Anyone willing? If not, maybe I'll get bored enough to do it one of these days. It would probably only take an hour or two.

Edit: If several volunteered, we could split the pages between us. Start at somewhere after the update where the old pics are gone. We would want them in a []Name of whoever[/url] format for thread niceness. Shouldn't be that difficult with copy and pasting. Just fill in the blanks basically.
To me?! I have better things to do with my time, thank you. It would be a never-ending curse. I think that :About the members: mod should do it.