The Picture Thread Mark II

Heh heh. Lazy sluggard!!!

I don't mean that you need to keep all of the links from this thread, just that we harvest the links from the closed thread and format them to place in here. With some cooperation and teamwork it wouldn't take long.

Like I said, if no one else cares to, maybe I'll find the time and do it myself just out of the goodness of my heart. :p Then, I'll just hand you a list that you can paste right into the post.
invert_nexus said:
Get together with SpuriousMonkey for a workout regime. Then kill him before he get's too buff. :D

Edit: Yeesh. Just did a meters to feet conversion (why oh why don't we use the metric system???) and came up with 6.66 feet. Funny how it's the devil's number.

But, damn!!! Talk about tall. Hit any doorframes with your head or anything?

Well, I would hit doorframes if I don´t duck. :D

Whew, I am devilish big.

Me, sharing shopping results with Avatar.
I think I prefer the much less serious, often soft and gentle monkey much better.

You are more handsome now that you have your neck back. ;)

And whitewolf, you are beautiful and statuesque. Your body posture reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, with all her grace and charm.
Avatar, do you have another picture of yourself? I swear you remind me of someone.
I laughed at the last pic. But you still remind me of somebody. Damnit I couldnt remember.
That's right, the terminator! Thanks, invert!
That last pic is my favorite. And it's tilted, like it's in a boat. With a fireplace. :eek:

Since your girl won't take a compliment, I'll give it to you. You should be very proud to have her on your arm. :)
Arditezza said:

Since your girl won't take a compliment, I'll give it to you. You should be very proud to have her on your arm. :)
My girl?! I don't have one. At the moment at least.
Hypercane said:
Avatar, are you European?
Eastern Europe => Latvia
Alright. The world shall see the Wulf! Queue dramatic background music!

This first picture is me taking a picture of a mirror. As you can see, my hair is very long. It isn't anymore.

This next picture is totally mysterious. I don't know how this picture turned out, so I'm perplexed, confused, bamboozled, . . . ya get it. Ya can kinda see my face, but ya can't see my mysterious, dark eyes. How very unfortunate.

I'm sorry those pics aren't good. I don't have a flattering picture of myself. I'll find one though. Later.

- Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness to all. Âðelwulf