The Picture Thread Mark II

I'm just confused then... hmm.

Huh? Oh.... No. We've never met. Thus, I shared via photo. I've never spent so much on an outfit in my life, and felt like an overspoiled rat. I imagine how excited he was /rollseyes

I'm single, too.
Oh, it's soooo spookzy here! :D I belong to none but myself. If anything, refer to nearest deity. I am a priestess.

Today, in a park filled with modern sculptures. I got inspired by the wooden bench.
The camera. It's a self-portrait. I'm not ball-like enough for a pumpkin. You should be careful.
excellent. good girl
perhaps something skimpier next?
you dare tell me to be careful?
damn foreigners
why i outta...........
..make mad mad love to you
Nope, no problem, do what you want.

Oh, look I have found the picture I posted in the other picture thread. Since no one will look into it anyway, I can aswell repost it here (even if it looks stupid).

Warning, Picture!
Spooky, this is the picture thread, not the "Make Lame Attempts To Pick Up On Members" thread.

So put up a photo. Endless spamming is what got the other thread closed.