The Picture Thread Mark II

Ya can also use willpower. Just keep saying to yerself yer gay, and maybe ya'll become gay. Then again, I dunno if that works.
Meanwhile, I shall find a picture of me. Better than the ones I already have up. Ya can't really see me in them. I'm either hazy or hidden by a camera.
This is me :)

Is it just me, or does everyone in here look like a dork? . . . Just kiddin' :p

Spuriousmonkey, the weirdest thought came to me when I was trying to go to sleep last night: Ya look a lot like the dude that did Forest Gump. My brain's gone, so I'm not totally sure of that guy's name . . . Tom Hanks?

Who agrees with me?
Look at me in all my glory!


As ya can tell by the headphones, I was listening to music. I forgot what I was listening to . . . It was either Coldplay or Rob Zombie. Oh well.
Hey, how do I make it so that it's a picture, and not a link to a picture? I'm putting the
Well, you first need an image host where you upload your images, then you get the address of your image which you can put in between the tags.

Try this site here, I always use it: