The Picture Thread Mark III


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Yey now we have a trilogy.

I thought there were too many pages on the Old thread, So I Made this new one.

To start it off, here is a panorama of the area around my countryhouse in russia.

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Nice pic DEB, we never get big rainstorms here. Last one I saw was in mexico, and I thought the house was going to be blown appart.
Took after an early lecture this morning while thinking about stuff in a park which is over the street from my uni.


1st 2nd 3rd
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I like the first one, as well. The composition is nice, and it has a subject. What exactly are the second and third showing us? Clean, Latvian paving stones?
set the timer, throw up the camera spinning just before the final beep, you will get a different world view if you can retrieve the camera.
What about unbelievable angles, 'spin effects' that some people ignorantly call blurr ? sitting on a tree might not be safe for such things. :p