The Picture Thread Mark III


Itsaaaa meeee
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Scarifice a goat to the photo gods and let virgin, Chrsitian, blood flow.

Your photo will appear on sciforums then.....pretty simple really...

hahaha...I love the ad the shows under my post (because it's the first post on this page)

I get; Serger thread, Bobbin Thread, Cute Guys, Sewing Thread.

Google is hitting on me..... :)

Me and my mates in Barcelona, pretending we're Ernest Hemmingway.
I'm on the left, thumb in mouth.
Ah. Roman. What a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boy you are.

A quote from Slingblade is resonating through my brain right now:

"He's just a boy."

And he still sucks his thumb....
is that a SQUARE t.v?
that does not look like widescreen, when was the photo taken? 1980? LOL

I have a picture,taken ages ago with some shitty webcam,have to up the brightness a bit:

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LOL well i could believe that with the VHS there aswell, but the playstation 2 pad spoils that illusion!

Why are you all wet in the second picture? Looks like sweat. Do you sweat a lot when you drink?

Is that a minidisc recorder I spy? I have the S1, and must say that it's a silly piece of technology. Wasn't a year ago. Oh well.
I had been fighting on the roof in a thunderstorm, so I got wet. That's also why I'm not wearng a shirt. It was wet.
Well, this sucks ass

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So, which one is you? Looks like you've got a nice site there though - where are you?