The Picture Thread Mark IV

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Since the The Picture Thread Mark III has gotten quite heavy at 60 pages I traditionally decided to start a new one.

And I will begin this picture thread with.... videos! :D

We finished our training a bit early this evening (2 a day) and decided that time in the dojo should not be wasted, so these 7 short movies were made. Don't look for martial arts there though, it's pure fun and nothing else and nothing more.

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60 pages is that max? where you unable to post more in the thread?
No, but it gets hard to navigate and make sense of a thread so long. Keep in mind that there was Picture thread 1, 2 and 3 and even a -1 a long time ago.
Sweet. I got pictures to post.

Well, if you want art, here's my deviantART gallery that anyone can look at.

And now, to show you myself. Here's a pic, and here's another.

But wait, I'm not finished. I'd like to show you my two siblings. Here's a pic of me and Stephanee. And here's one, two, three more of just her. And you just gotta see the cutest and koolest little brother in the world, Alex. Here's one of us both. He's wearing Steph's glasses. And here's one of him wearing my graduation cap. Here's a picture of Steph and Alex together. And finally, here's one pic, two pics of all three of us.

Guess how old my bro and sis are. :D
here is me with a bra on my head:

and here are my tattoos:
hermetic seal on my chest:

hermetic seal on my left inner forearm:

and a seal of solomon on my left elbow/forearm:

Playing around outside with a camera is dangerous. Me and my friends took at least 50 pictures of 'nothing' and almost dropped the camera in the river. T'was a good day though. Here is me pretending to have had a sudden inspiration...
"I see the light"


And me playing the keyboard because my brother was using the piano.
haha, sound quality... that guitar cost less than $100
it's the one I use to play by the fire
The magic is the fingers. I've seen old guys make total crap guitars cry in soulfull pain because they were amazing players
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