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Covid: Police break up 'fake vaccine network' in China and South Africa
Published 5 hours ago

in other news
greece has been hit by a series of 9 after shocks after a 6.3 earth quake at a depth of 10kms
an after shock of 5..3 struck a few hours after at a depth of 7 kilometers which has likely caused considerable damage
it appears none of the news networks are publishing this.
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someone projecting sexual self mutilation as a weapon(im still on the fence on if it is intentional or their lack of self control)

reminds me of a guy i knew many years ago
who knew a guy from many years before that
who self mutilated(ive personally known a few people who cut etc through to suicidal attempts etc)
[i spent some months befriending a girl who was a hard core cutter
she told me in detail about her thoughts and how she went about cutting her wrists over many months up to several occasions when she just half decided to cut deeper & deeper until she was starting to bleed out.
she was found by a family member which is what stopped her from dying the 1st 2 times
i talked her off the ledge once or twice.)

so i know a person who was in the operating room saving the life of the guy who the guy i use to know use to know
and that was totally 4th party info
as the person who was in the OR helping to save their life
never knew the guy who i use to know
or the other guy

such a small world in many aspects

in the background of my thoughts(my point) is what i expect to be a big rise in suicide from the pandemic
governments need to be putting money into government mental health services to help promote the message for the community to help look out for others

the cabin fever aspect of people retracting into their psychosis is very real
and very common in the best of times

put out what you want back
do un to others etc etc
just because you can, doesn't mean you should
if you have the power to be kind or be nasty be kind
remember most people don't choose to be kind
only around 30% do because being kind is WAY harder & too scary for most than being nasty
life is too short & too fragile to waste it on playing other peoples death spiral mental disasters

regardless of if it is intentional or accidental/stress/emotional/illness

always maintaining the option to see a better way out is a freedom of true liberty,
to not be locked into that pre defined pattern of behaviors
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i can't let you take away my love'n
but thats what your doing
and thats exactly what you intended to do

... hhmmm...
how will this one play out

word from the wise ...
karma can be a cruel task master thats for sure
you dont understand how hard it is to be so rich and privileged
you dont understand what its like when people wont do what you tell them
you dont understand anything !
Piers is such a dick
the only thing that defines him is his hate towards meghan & the haters that attracts to act out their ambulance chasing desires
he feeds off the hate he creates to make his own brand
thus victimizing then making money off those who help bully

such a toxic model of culture
would be great to see some paparazzi take his life apart
i would pay to watch his mental breakdown for scientific purposes to further the species

im looking for meghans full interview
im not going to pay or subscribe to anything to get it
maybe oprah has locked it up
are they going to drip feed it in segments to be able to create a series of public interest items ?
that might be quite cool
like a mini series documentary series on concepts & ideas raised in the original
oprah can do some of her magic
she can video call meghan and do little extra bits on specific topics
maybe some baking

piers has quite a substantial position of ability to influence people
but he uses it to create negative emotions
creative writing
to illustrate emotional feelings, does it make you feel ? does it make you feel more or less to when in real life you see someone being bullied ?
i have a feeling of wanting to punch him in the face very hard so i can feel his flesh splitting & facial bones cracking & splitting.

but its just an emotion
and i know if i did i might find it very hard to stop
and i might like it soo much i keep punching his face until i cut my hand on his facial bone fractures & teeth & then have to get a rabies injection
creative writing

to illustrate emotional feelings, does it make you feel ? does it make you feel more or less to when in real life you see someone being bullied ?

i want to see him suffer emotionally(not specifically physically)
so he becomes aware of the amount of suffering he has and looks sideways at his own actions in how he spreads negativity & hate.

but part of what people like him want is to light up the predator prey violence to act out all that violent predatory process to validate hate as being legitimized by him becoming the victim

it gets very messed up in there psychologically
such people are equally happy to feel they have forced you into a violent act against others as equally as become the victim yourself.
thats where they exist
thats his world
that is his happy place

i suspect its like an addictive thing equal to spoilt child type psychosis where he has not had any real emotional challenge and fueled all the dark elements of getting what ever he wants
so he never has to adapt to anything
so he never has to evolve
he just changes what he wants
constantly never satisfied
constantly deep down unhappy, sad & jealous of others apparent happiness and calmness
so in meghan he envy's her and seeks to unsettle her sense of developmental social empathy as she moves into a position of material power & influence, which is what piers desires
but lacks all that control over his own inner self
the grumpy spoilt child never happy
piers got what he desired, the influence of public media and the power of money, but the inner spoilt child was never happy so he now must attack others to undermine their validity to try and show the world they do not poses what he soo desires but can never have.
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if you are not going to have the opinion i give you
then you will not be allowed to have an opinion

love you too fascist darlings

if jesus were alive today
she would get vaccinated against covid_19
thats the ligit truth of the word that you know
you know it
you know
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who's Bad

The Word Is Out
You're Doin' Wrong
Gonna Lock You Up
Before Too Long,
Your Lyin' Eyes
Gonna Take You Right
So Listen Up
Don't Make A Fight,
Your Talk Is Cheap
You're Not A Man
You're Throwin' Stones
To Hide Your Hands
But They Say The Sky's
The Limit
And To Me That's Really True
And My Friends You Have
Seen Nothin'
Just Wait 'Til I Get Through

[michael jackson]
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is "she" a professional online scammer ?
because you are probably skyping your life coach pyramid network about your latest sales stats profit margins on your small laptop and want to keep some web sites as your twitter like small easy quick read text happy place on your small desk top as you skype & scam, i mean coach people & your profit pyramid network ...controlled by those whom post & comments they make
... does not mean everyone elses has to
more soo
if you choose to attempt to target someone for victimization to service that
dont expect your happy place to be left standing

"only my free speech is allowed" ..
uh huh tell me more ...

do un to others etc etc

that is NOT the America i paid for
.. but you didn't pay for anything
but that's not the point, people need to do what i tell them, and say what i tell them to say THAT is what free speech is about
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windows 10 is free
but it is a RAM & CPU hungry hole ridden poorly formed cover all that eats what ever device it is put on to

your far better off running an old version of windows on devices like laptops unless your prepared to pay around $4,500.00 US$ for a laptop
which most people are not prepared to pay for.
and i sure would not buy an apple
i would buy a genuine IBM & keep apple purely for graphics professional work where it belongs.

the false narrative of security is a profit making cost saving exercise in computer security 3rd party apps that allow open source access to secure & lock down the device
which is NOT what big advertisers want from all the users

aka ... whos garden of weeds are you watering & then struggling to control ?
i started getting the chills around 48 hours ago randomly
then last night my taste changed
all night i have felt like im on meth while im sleeping & while im awake

cant tell if its poison bacteria or virus or toxic chemicals
or some combination of all or part there of

i will concentrate on incubating it into something very lethal then pass it on to someone else
(everyone needs a hobby)
In the interests of equality and non-segregation in society, every child in the UK should be given the title of Prince or Princess, along with that title's privileges.
Anything other than that, is propagating and encouraging inequality and segregation.
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covid test #4 today
feels like a odd cold virus
more symptoms kicked in last night
now 100% sure its viral possibly sinus lodged

but odd symptoms align to new covid variant symptoms
im almost 100% sure i will be fine if i catch covid, but i dont want to injure or kill anyone i like(morality comment[do those in countrys with compulsory motor vehicle insurance support such laws to protect their neighbor in-case they accidentally reverse into their neighbors car?] by passing it on to them.

im anti compulsory motor vehicle insurance
i thinks its elitist classism driven to the worst possible outcome for social order.
insurance company's can still carry the debt with 3rd party low price cover as courts rule people to slowly pay back corporate whom received government bonded lending etc.
banks & insurance company's
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peers moron cry baby whine whine
big tanty pants panel
live walk off

if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
but its not real heat
its a heated towel rail on a zimmerman frame
luke warm gentle and convenient and he still could not handle it
narcissist ? makes you wonder
classic bully ?
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