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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by serenesam, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. river

    What are they attacking ?
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    when critics retract
    [everyone is fair game except for me syndrome]
    critiquing people on prime time TV is being "personal"

    talking about covert & overt racism
    as plain sight bullying is being green lighted by him
    i wonder if he finally got the point
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  5. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl Valued Senior Member

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  7. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    looks like a certain someone who is doubling down on his bullying as he exploits his public media position to bully & harass & defame, of people suffering mental health crisis, is about to be black balled from media.
    and possibly about to have a liable suit slapped on him.
    i doubt any other companys will be willing to risk their insurance cover to employee him.
    insurance brokerage company will just refuse to cover him as a named person resulting in the media company having to take 100% of cash losses for any claims including no personal injury or loss of business and no public liability.

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    good luck trying to get an uninsured person inside a media company or government building
  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    she smells of vegetable super heated cooking oil

    im 99% sure its quite a toxic compound for the digestive system

    why do people love deep fried things so much ?

    is super heated cooking oil addictive ?
    if so why ?
    is it the aromatic broad range spectrum that over loads the finer receptors to fake a total delivery ?
    like pain killers to an injury

    i have been pondering this for some months
    maybe a little over a year or soo

    what is the over all combined negative effect on vitamin & protein absorption once deep fried fats are included in a combination meal(meat & vegetables)

    do heated vegetable fats interrupt protein digestion of meat ?(& vitamin & mineral digestion of fruit & vegetables)
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  9. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    It's not the super heated oil that is the attraction. It's what it does to the food. People like fat in general. It's a survival thing. If you were a hunter gatherer, you were hungry much of the time and if you found a bit of food high in fat content...that was your lucky day.

    Now it's just too much because we have access to plenty of fat.
  10. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

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  11. serenesam Registered Senior Member

  12. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    & now 41 years later in the same size & dimensions as her photo ID badge, you can have a computer & cell phone with many times more computing power than the one's used to perform the moon landing.

    instead of being stuck in the house for hours on end washing clothes & drying them
    you can put all your clothes into a single machine that washes AND drys them reducing 3 hours washing & drying time into 5 minutes loading & unloading the machine.

    & instead of having to get a bucket, bleach detergent & find a decent rag, change clothes & then start to sterilize bathroom & kitchen surfaces,
    you can just reach into a small box, pull out a couple of non toxic wipes & use a spray mister bottle to cleanly safely & quickly reduce those hours of cleaning and materials into 5 minutes of a quick wipe-down-&-wipe-out of surfaces sterilizing what you do & spray & the bathroom or kitchen is able to be used immediately & doesn't require drying & airing time for poisonous fumes

    it is not that women were not working before the 1960s, they were just working for free in jobs that had very poor technology & almost no recognition & no wages with long & awkward times.

    not to mention womens hygiene sanitary product's & technological developments.
  13. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    OK, the title might be 'Post Anything' but it's still good manners to say what it is you're posting.
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  14. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    have you ever tried methamphetamine ?
    that is psudoephadrine which has been purified into clear crystal form
    you then heat it until it goes into a liquid then boil it & breath in the boiling fumes
    too much heat & you set fire to it or burn off all the active ingredient, just enough heat to do the job and you get a good result.

    i really like it
    its REALLY nice !
    have not had any for many many years & dont intend to
    it is incredibly addictive
    for people with personality disorders(mental illnesses/violent personality's) it is extremely dangerous as it tends to fuel manic psychopathy as a normalized state of social perception.
    the addict tends more and more toward lack of empathy & their violence increases to the point where they normalize violent acts to reinforce their underlying mental illness.

    anyone with power & control issues needs to avoid it because it triggers a depression state as it wears off where the person feels they are loosing all their power & self esteem.
    it also messes with the immune system a fair bit & tends to undermine the immune system like a steroid, as soon as the user stops taking it they get very sick very quickly, while during use it undermines vitamin & mineral absorption of the body.

    its very very nice if your fairly well adjusted & using it occasionally with socializing & lots of physical activity & have no mental health issues

    anyone who has power & control issues, & you give it to them,
    its like giving a loaded hang gun to a child to play with, its a matter of when not if.

    if someone offered me a hit on a joint or a hit on a meth pipe & i knew 100% it was clean meth & a clean pipe i would have the meth but not the marijuana
    im not a marijuana smoker, its not my thing(though i have smoked loads of it)
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  15. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    Reporter asking William as he walks with Kate
    "is the royal family a Racist Family" ?

    imagine the constructive positive questions he could have asked

    paparazzi trying to get an emotional rise

    psychological baiting
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  16. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    he is mixing weed killer into the back pack hand pump sprayer
    why is he wanting to hide something from me so i don't see
    he needs glasses to be able to read the label but refuses to wear his glasses

    what i wonder is... maybe he cant read the label & someone else has told him thats the correct product & now he is mixing by memory & cant read the label & doesn't want me to know he cant read the label & is just guessing & hoping its right

    hhmmm ...

    he has a tendency to over spray which may or may not be on purpose
    glyphosate weed killer

    he will only wear his glasses for doing tax & accounting paper work where no one can see him.

    he has a nasty streak so i am on edge about where and what he is spraying

    weed spraying is his man cave thing
    it gives him results he can see and the feeling of accomplishment & power
    i dont interfere with it
    given he is aging i worry about his memory & ego conflicting & him mixing in too much of something into something like drinking water or such like

    he is going to spray weed killer on wild flowers ...
    i think thats what he doesn't want me to see

    he is not a nature person
    likes to structurally arrange gardening things like trees
    but doesnt seem to like animals
    only their ability to reinforce his power position
    struggles to show any positive emotion as a form of hierarchical power & control (old industrialist kinda mentality but with a bit of the sensitive new age guy mixed in)
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  17. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    What kind of important questions could he have asked? It's the Royal Family. There's nothing of importance there.
  18. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    excellent question
    rare does someone ask a good question honestly.

    he could have asked about william & kates next public service events around mental health.

    what i am gathering from the media work up around the racial issue is that media are keen to change the narrative to something they feel they can off load
    racial issues are easy for them to polarize.

    underneath it is the real hard impact of the over all effect of negative influence toward mental health which effects all ethnic groups

    but doing so would turn on neon lights over media & their influence of enabling things that damage mental health initiatives.

    they have a vested interest in running in the opposite moral direction from the media harassment of people which is staggering ironic considering how piers has used his media position to psychologically bully & undermine Meghan while claiming he is not allowed to be questioned, then claiming his bullying is free speech.

    so the guy who is supposedly a journalist is buying into the attempt to flame will n kate into an emotional response instead of being positive and seeking to further the heart of the subject.

    you can see in piers walk off episode how he gets riled up by himself about being put on the spot about racial issues, yet thinks he has free license to flame bully & psychologically undermine someone who has reported suicidal issues.

    complete hypocrite

    real journalists should be able to read the larger picture and seek real journalism instead of attempting to buy into the psychologically bullying and hypocrisy of being the aggressor.

    flaming the whole racial debate to turn it into an accusation gambit services the american audience who do not wish to discuss what "public service" is as a political or leadership accountability & responsibility

    so in doing so is a disservice to UK culture by flaming that to an (the hater click reality TV celebrity genre)American audience who simply could care less about real public service as a public servant & mental health initiatives inside a universal health care system.

    we can walk that out a bit too, around universal health care & public mental health services.
    the USA doesn't have universal mental health & in so does not deliver mental health as a moral cultural dynamic service as public service
    its all selfishly orientated around financial class access
    so USA audiences don't want to be shown up how they lack universal health care to service mental health
    instead twisting the subject as much as possible into a click bait issue on flaming the interest and transference of racial issues

    someone, maybe gallop
    should poll a few thousand Americans in each major American city asking them if they think mental health services should be free access to American citizens

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    real people who really care
    not fake celebrity's chasing cash & fame

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    the media are running as fast as they can in the opposite direction of being the legal enablers of psychological abuse & bullying, which they have been doing.
    they may be looking at a rather large legal issue over it & possibly new regulation.
    Media have provided supported & funded the platform piers has used to abuse.
    after the pone hacking issue you would think they would have a tighter rein on such behavior
    it would suggest they learnt nothing & punitive financial penalty's may be required to force the change in culture since they appear to be unable & unwilling to follow civil rights issues & common legal requirements of duty of care.
    this is why the TV station gt rid of piers so quickly i imagine
    to try and avoid this issue becoming front & centre
    as it should be

    that journalist yelling out baiting was buying into the propaganda to avoid accountability
    a change in business culture is obviously required.

    and that "bring back piers" online petition, probably has around 150,000 fake signatures on it

    educational to see shazbeen run into the middle to be the right wing supporter turned edgimicated to apologize to validated herself as a public victim with alt-right branding to try & gain attention. she can claim she has the T-shirt now & parade herself around as a victim claiming she has all the rights to self promote as a victim
    so now the alt-right sexist bullys can claim shazbeen as being equal victim to maghan
    both-sides-ism victim blaming by proxy as a process to undermine & invalidate the victim whom is being victimized to avoid the victim from gaining valid victim status as being superior in need of redress.
    typical american stuff

    i wonder if the truth hit her to realise her buddy has turned into a stalker hell bent on destroying that which he cant own

    i hazit to wonder that given piers appearance on TV & my experience with physiology
    based on my personal life experience and study of people
    he looks like an alcoholic possibly trying to lose weight with diet pills and a massively high fat & sugar diet
    probably covering up for depression
    possibly some past trauma that is unresolved as is often the case
    now obsessed with destroying the character of meghan as he loses control over his own addictions & mental health
    and the TV company have enabled him to go at it full force

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2021
  19. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Piers Morgan isn't a real journalist and the Royals aren't real news. It's all celebrity gossip. Mental health is an important issue but neither Piers nor the Royals treat it as any more than a celebrity's cause.

    If mental health awareness was really the issue that anyone cared about we would be watching an informative documentary about the issue and not watching celebrities give lip service to it. Royal celebrities are the worst form of celebrity IMO. At least some actors produce some memorable works. The Royals are wasting their lives and everyone's around them.

    Piers is just a gossip columnist and the Royals are just "Reality Show" stars. Neither Piers nor the Royals are important in any real sense of the word at all.

    Which is why I don't watch or pay any attention to any of them.
  20. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i am sure you can produce some links to back that up, but other countrys Royal family's behaviors in different cultures with different moral values is not this issue

    william, harry
    Kathrine & meghan are a new generation & centre stage of the leading role models of modern future British society moral leadership as a public service champion of universal health care & moral social civil duty
    something very alien to usa culture

    i like how you have gone to great lengths to side step the universal health care content

    i suspect running further down that lane
    usa groups are most keen to avoid meghan & harrys public service from becoming popular moral compass for the American civil service
    what tragedy that would be

    no vested interest huh .... yeah right !

    universal health care & mental health drug over doses drug addiction services
    HUGE vested interest in the usa at changing that subject into a race bait debate
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2021
  21. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    When I end a comment with "IMO" I don't need a link. IMO is the link.

    I agree with Universal Health Care so I don't know where you are going with your comments.

    Public service for a Royal is what they do. They aren't doing it out of charity. They are quite well paid. Those to be commended for such work are those who are volunteering and are those who don't live in castles.

    Regarding Megan and Harry ... what are they even doing over here? At least Piers actually has a job. What do they do? Nothing basically.

    Prince Charles has spent his entire life waiting to be King. He'll possibly be King for a few years while William wastes his youth until he gets to be King. What exactly does being King mean in the UK. Not much. It means wearing gaudy costumes and waving a lot. Important stuff...
  22. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    your tense is a little off
    "he HAD a job" but he threw it under the buss his TV show platform to bully and abuse Meghan
    terribly bad example for how to treat people with mental health issues
    attempting to exploit her weakness to self ingratiate himself
    and then double down by victim blaming her to be the one who is responsible for the fall of the royal familys public reputation.

    thats really sadistic nasty twisted stuff
    using that as his foot in the door to undermine and invalidate her mental health issues and suicidal thoughts and depression

    you seem attracted to him

    he targeted meghan to bully & abuse her to make himself popular
    trading off her hurt & victimization

    self entitled classicist bully playing for working class hater likes

    yuck !

    now he wants to play the victim and get a free pass to psychological sadism

    i say NO !
    he should not be given a free pass and have his hand held and told its ok

    and i think you will find the courts and the broadcasting regulatory body may share a similar opinion,
    we shall see

    it is a little bit ironic you think he can say what ever he likes about her
    while you attempt to bait me into saying something liable
    i find that quite fascinating

    when will you be voting for universal health care ?
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2021
  23. Dennis Tate Valued Senior Member

    I am at the one minute mark in this brilliant dissertation and.....
    I could not resist hitting you with what I feel may be one of the most
    intelligent and controversial ideas that could well bring the political left and the political right several steps
    toward each other????

    If this gets you curious....
    you might wish to scroll down to chapter ten here......


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