The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread

And to give you an idea of size (it's drawn at FULL SIZE) I'll add a "human": this is zoomed in towards the smaller fuel tank that's shown near the main spine, but I've moved it nearer to the larger tank and support structure.
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All I can state for 3D modelling Oli. Is save OFTEN!, In fact save MORE OFTEN!

The main reason for this is down to my years as a CAD operator, where large works would sometimes find themselves lost to poor programming or memory management.
Yeah, the first package I ever used used to crash every 20 minutes or so in the early days...
hey Oli, stryder, any ideas on how to avoid the "feathering " of the lines.....I don't know what it's called but it has something to do with resolution..

The lines are fractured or what ever....
The only way is to have as high a resolution (pixel dpi) as possible.
The "jaggies" form because although the line (mathematically) runs smoothly from point A to point B (it's a vector line) it's always displayed as a raster image (a series of dots). And since these dots are arranged in a rectangular pattern anything that isn't exactly aligned with that pattern will show jaggies.
The higher the resolution the closer the dots and the less the jaggies show: but I've been using CAD for so long now it rarely registers with me, and given a decent printer/ plotter the lines come out smooth on the actual hard copy.

And one other problem (especially with the images I've posted here) is that although the drawing is a vector image I've had to save those shots as raster (jpg) because I suspect that few members here have anything like E-Drgs software to display the actual interactive CAD image, plus the conversion from vector to raster will drop the dpi of the image itself.
You should title it "Nashville on 3 hits of Acid"
IIRC, some German chemist first cooked up LSD in 1943 while looking for a sort of "combat drug" or whatnot...

Imagine if they'd given it to their troops...

Speaking of panzers, when Pope Benedict ws first elected, I read an article in which the author called him the "Panzerpope" - perhaps due to his time as the "defender of theological doctrine" or whatever.
For some reason, I thought this would make a good name for a heavy metal band, and cooked up a couple of imaginary album covers...

Damned 3 image per post limit !

Insignia for an imaginary motorcycle gang.

Somebody mentioned to me wanting to start a "This Day In World War 2" site, using a theme which would equate to a person blogging about the events which took place. Sounded kinda kooky, but I gorked up this for a logo.