The Show Your Paintings/Drawings/Images Thread

An nameless old effort I title Fukushima Daiichi Sunrise in honor of you-know-what...
When posting your images and artwork in this thread what do you hope to gain from it?, are you seeking adoration and praise upon creating something?

People who enjoy art come to this thread, and so it is for them.

What about when you post in the poem thread?

Are you sure everyone is posting their art for other people and not for thepurposeof seeking praise?. What do you think a psychologist would say about this?.

I weave messages and facts into my poems and events from my life and disguise them as poems if you want to know my real reason for sharing them it is to teach. you can't call it preaching if it's a poem ^^

I can't speak for all, but this is still the place for art appreciation.

I also use the poems place to link to.
I can't speak for all, but this is still the place for art appreciation.

I also use the poems place to link to.

I noticed you teach alot in your poems, your poems are never jjust abstract rhymes they all have deep meanings and are very informational and philosophical at times, your poems are all weaved with many forms of logic, some of them even come off as sterile becauseyou seem to be concerntrating on making them come off as logical works.

So I would say you are a poet for the same reason I am It would appear, ofcourse we both like to play around with words to boot but regardless...

I do like your poems.

“Artist’s Prayer”


“Artist’s Prayer”
By Blind Pathos

Where are all the great patrons

Throw me a hook you fishers of men

That I might be caught and eaten

by the audience beyond the footlights

That my blood be spilled on pages

and canvas in prescribed portion

Afford me the flame of arrogance

to believe that my own hand

in the fire of creation touches wonder

and maybe God himself
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"Dreaming Life"


“Dreaming Life”
By Blind Pathos

What magic made dreams
Then made life
Made everything possible
Then made life

When I wake it’s gone
Nothing lasts
There alone
The dream has past

Always the dread
That greets the light
And a longing again
For the magic of night

Rendered risen life
Curls from the heart
The smoke of dreams
Where end is start

It’s there that I live
More truly and whole
Where there’s peace
For a dreamer’s soul

Once the day comes
And some day no more
A final night comes
A dream I implore

A dream long and worthy
Noble and due
A sweet note played
To see eternity through
"Flown Open"


"Flown Open"
By Blind Pathos

Once I stood before the mirror
Never saw anything but me
Couldn’t see the cage I fear
And what it’s like to be free

Freedom with a cracking noise
Spit me from my splintered home
Between coal dust and lantern rays
I slipped my darkly death and tomb

Light so bright its shadows’ white
Closed my eyes and I was free
When the dreams are in flight
Seems I’m one lucky canary

First I tried to reach the sun
And ran into the moon
Tried to fly into the ocean
And found a sand dune

Tired and broken I learned
Freedom needs to find a bed
And inside something yearned
Freedom needs to be fed

With every roll of the dice
Another light came through
Seems my freedom has a price
A cost of every thing I do

Cages without and within
Being nature or bamboo
Wait for lost canaries and
Foolish young men too
"Little Brother"


While we were looking for "Big Brother" ...
"Little Brother" took our picture, stole our identity, and broke us.

The information revolution has begun.