The sound of DNA

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Just read an super interesting article on DNA and what it would sound like if translated into music.

my friend think that if we translated the human genome into music, it would just be like random noise.

My hypothesis is this:
If we were to take a family of five and translate thier genetic code into musical notes with each base A T G C translating into a note.....

It would sound like a beautiful symphony.....
If each base became a note it would be very long ... also while there probably is a good source of music in there it would require the right mathematical transformation to make music. A simple trasnlation would only give you 4 notes and it would probably be noisy.

Regarding using a family's DNA it would be so similar as to be essentially identical most of the time. Even in the population at large there would be only 1 difference every 1000 notes.

I think it would be cool to translate it somehow, but it wouldn't be easy to do well.
DNA = Divine information..written by GOD

translating DNA sound into music might be interesting.. but if there is something i the DNA it must have come from GOD...
He created the DNA so if anything in it... it could be in Greek or Arabic.. the languages that god used to speak to humanity... may be i the DNA somehting realted to this...
In Quran there are hints... that COULD indicate that there is a Quran inside the DNA may be not only Quran.. may be something more... may be even everything u do in your life can be reocrded in your 97% junk DNA!!

in Quran GOD says that he Swears by the sites of the stars, and this is a GREAT thing to swear by, if we would know, it is a sacerd QUran in a HIDDEN AND PROTECTED book, no one can TOUCH it except those who are Clean!!!!!!

this could be it... there are a lot more details... im breaking the code in Quran...
there are a lot of verses in Quran that no one could ever interpret till now.. may be the answer is there ... rigth inside us... i the DNA!!!
the secrect of everythng... right between our hands.. but we cant reach it!!