The Stage Theory of Theories

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You're the peacock bragging about the prodigious explanatory power of natural selection.
We've just met, and now you're calling me names. And yet you seem to be expecting me to jump through hoops for your entertainment. You, sir, are beginning to smell like a troll.
Perhaps it's the gin, but I must have missed your non-tautologous encapsulation of natural selection theory.

Would you please say it again?

I'm asking nicely, sir.
For another definition of natural selection, perhaps try this:

"On average, adaptive traits survive within a population over multiple generations".

Since "adaptive trait" is defined with reference to the environment, and not to the question of what (or whether) individuals in a population survive or reproduce, this is not a tautological definition.
If this goes on I'm telling daddy.

Now will you answer a simple question or not?
I'd like a list of these names I called you before I repent
Oh you mean the peacock thing? But they're gorgeous.

Please don't misread me
Well, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but life's too short to have to run through the process with yet another troll. Besides, there's something about you that reminds me of a problem-poster from our past.

So, I'm afraid this is goodbye. You can tell your friends that you were too smart for me if that makes you feel better.
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