The Thing about UFOs...

Origin of UFOs

  • Extraterrestrials

    Votes: 10 20.0%
  • Man-made

    Votes: 10 20.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 21 42.0%
  • Neither

    Votes: 9 18.0%

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This too shall pass.
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Ok if you have any common sense then you realize that UFOs are real and are everywhere. Thousands of sightings every year now from the common laymen to highly experienced pilots to astronauts.

1.) These are extraterrestrial in nature.
2.) They are man-made technology and our govt has been lying for decades.

Take your pick, but you must choose (both if you want). This can no longer just be ignored.
Think about it and REALIZE the consequences of this seemingly simple choice.
What about the many other options you've not presented? Why must we choose between two very silly options when so many more are available?

You clearly have no common sense.
there are thousands of other options

for example: someone got a small piece of cake in their eye
belief in ufo's and belief in exterterrestial life are completely different things.
one streches credibility to incredible lengths the other is fairly reasonable.
Moving my post here:

I recently went to a conference with the director of NASA's JPL. He simply said that he does not believe in UFOs. However he did add that this not mean that the possibility of intelligent life somewhere else is null.

I really don't feel like writing verbatim his reasoning, go find a video of him at the World Affairs Council and hear it for yourself.
Ok what about the mass ufo sightings then? I agree there is no hard evidence, this is in part the governments fault. There are only videos and testimonies but this IS good enough for me considering the sheer number of sightings and these people are CHANGED afterwards.

Some articles on mass sightings.

Swamp gas refracting off Venus right?
What other options are there then? Youve not presented any.

I'll give you one - and the reason I haven't voted in your silly poll is because it's not there and it's the ONLY choice I'd accept: a combination of man-made and natural phenomenon.
Of course UFOs are real - there are lots of things seen that aren't identified. But to carry it to YOUR illogical conclusion with no evidence whatsoever is pretty brainless.
My evidence is the testimonies of THOUSANDS of people.

Testimonies are good in court, arent they?
My evidence is the testimonies of THOUSANDS of people.

Testimonies are good in court, arent they?

Not without hard evidence. And all those testimonials and videos and photos always make me laugh. Every photo and video is shittiest thing ever done by a person with Parkinson's apparently.
My evidence is the testimonies of THOUSANDS of people.

Testimonies are good in court, arent they?

Ah, I see now, you simply believe everything anyone tells you. Why didn't you just state that in the first place and saved us the trouble of responding?
My evidence is the testimonies of THOUSANDS of people.

Testimonies are good in court, arent they?

Testimonies are a LONG way from being evidence. And eye-witnesses have always been shown to be highly unreliable.

And we're talking about science here, not courts of law and science NEVER, EVER accepts testimonies - just cold, hard evidence.
Actually there is radar evidence of something that's so far unexplained/able in the sky durring the Stephenville sighting. The PDF report is linked somewhere on this forum.
ANYBODY that denies the basic premise that UFOs are REAL and controlled either by occupants or remotely is a complete moron. DON'T waste your time even responding.

There was once a goldfish named henry that believed in UFOs. Thing is, Henry didn't NEED to BELIEVE in UFOs because UFOs are unquestionably real. Mass sightings and 400 plus independent camcorders filming the same unidentified flying objects in public spectacles is PROOF. If you need more evidence, go watch some cartoons and leave the scientific exploration of the phenomenon to those capable of...well, SCIENCE.