The Truth about Freemasons - By Saladin Bin-Qasim

For those who read quelquechosedautre's posts

You should now realize ancient freemasonry is accepting applications. and the rest will be holding on to the GOAT (ESCAPE GOAT). AS you know I am quite knowledgeable about freemasonry and some of the stalkers have let me know I know too much. Just the other day I was dragged by the nose to a CTV forum by an undercover masonic agent. All victims are now exposing freemasonry big time and all the crimes will be blamed on freemasonry and all the smart ones will escape to ancient freemasonry which is the real organization and not the visible lodges in every town. Freemasonry has done horrific crimes punnishable to the highest treason. Who the Rabbit now!!!!
*What the hell have you all done to my thread?

LOL! He who thinks controls a thread, is a bit delusional.

*Why does sciforums attract these nutjobs so frequently?

That's an unaswerable question :) They queer & they here.

So, i will ask this question again HOPING to get an answer.
MY DAD WAS A FREE MASON or whatever.
Did he serve the devil?
Am I safe saying this????????????
you want to understand freemasonry go to alt.freemasonry in google and read and talk to real freemasons who Identify themselves
samsonite, I agree that the governments used 911 to take away civil liberties and oppress Muslims of the West and the world. I agree it is similar to the Reichstag burning to opress Jews like Bush is doing to Muslims. You have some good points to make.

I believe this entire war is about conquest and suppression of Muslims. Allah swt help people like you who work to tell people the truth.

Not delusional?


Conspiracy theory" is usually used as a pejorative label, meaning paranoid, nutty, marginal, and certainly untrue. The power of this pejorative is that it discounts a theory by attacking the motivations and mental competence of those who advocate the theory. By labeling an explanation of events "conspiracy theory," evidence and argument are dismissed because they come from a mentally or morally deficient personality, not because they have been shown to be incorrect. Calling an explanation of events "conspiracy theory" means, in effect, "We don't like you, and no one should listen to your explanation."

In earlier eras other pejorative labels, such as "heresy," "witchery," and "communism" also worked like this. The charge of "conspiracy theory" is not so severe as these other labels, but in its way is many times worse. Heresy, witchcraft, and communism at least retain some sense of potency. They designate ideas to be feared. "Conspiracy theory" implies that the ideas and their advocates are simple-minded or insane.


*Some of the results were unsurprising. For example, subjects with high general levels of belief in conspiracy theories were much more doubting of the facts in the articles. That fits with what is already known—that people who like conspiracy theories tend to bat away any evidence that contradicts their point of view.

More surprisingly, Dr Leman found that if the fictional president “died” after the shooting, readers were much more likely to believe that the gunman was part of a conspiracy. This was true even though the other facts in the story were unchanged, and even if the death was due to an unrelated cause, such as a heart attack. This curious observation is the basis of Dr Leman's hypothesis that there is some underlying process in human psychology that assumes that the bigger the effect is, the bigger the cause must have been.


When conspiracy theories combine logical fallacies with lack of evidence, critics refer to them as a form of Conspiracism, a worldview that sees major historic events and trends as primarily the result of secret conspiracies. According to many psychologists, a person who believes in one conspiracy theory is often a believer in other conspiracy theories as well.

Some people distinguish between falsifiable accusations of conspiracy and unfalsifiable conspiracy theories and argue that when conspiracy theories are proposed, the proponents bear the burden of proof. In justifying the classification of a conspiracy theory as conspiracism, detractors tend to level accusations that the theory is:

Not backed up by sufficient evidence.
Phrased in such a way as to be unfalsifiable.
Improbably complex or lengthy.
Defenders point out in response that:

Those powerful people involved in the conspiracy hide, destroy, or obfuscate evidence.
Skeptics / apologists are not (in their opinion) prepared to keep an open mind.
Skeptics / apologists may be politically motivated and have a vested interest in the status quo as a shill or

Delusional Disorder

Yep, I'd say this fits ya to a T!

DiamondHearts said:
I believe this entire war is about conquest and suppression of Muslims.

That is part of the problem which is condusive to your religion. Muslims find reason for war against their religion where none exists. They can therefore justify their warring for those imaginative reasons. Whatever the reason for conflict or disagreement, they will always look upon it as suppression of their religion and will immediately take to the sword.
Why the hell are you talking to me and what grounds have you to say that i'm delusional.

I'm not defenidng it more being comical about my concern for my dad being in the masons.
He has a book if you guys 'd like me to copy a few pages of the mumbo.
Free Masons and Time Travel

If you are looking for proof of this seemingly impossible assertion, it will be hard to impossible to find. However, ignoring Occum's Razor for the moment,
the theory is that humanity is in, in fact, in a cyclical infinate time loop.
The loop was caused by an ancient member of what is now call the free masons secret society. However, most masons are not aware of this core and fundamental truth.
In short, one member of the original secret society, was chosen to transverse time to ensure the prophacys leading to the accention of humanity into heaven is forfilled.
There are two problems that have caused the intended guidence into heaven to become an infinate loop.
1) Only one individual is ever sent in the begining of the historical cycle to minimise the impact of the traveller on time. The concern is if too many changes occur, it will become impossible to track and predict the influence of the time traveler(s) and so ensure a successful mission.
2) For reasons that are still hard to understand, it seems the necessary answers to prevent the reset of time back to the point the time traveler first leaves, are not determined till very close to the end of human existance.
At this point, the traveller has been returning to his time of origin to tell his peers about his attempt and failure to guide humanity to accension.
This last report, results in an other ancient taking the last traveler's place, armed with the new knowledge and ready to release humanity from the cycle of historic failure.
What is the result. It never gets done right. The time travelers go off some 5ooo years ago, dip occasionally into the flow of history, and ultimately fail.
No attempt is ever made to send more than one traveller, but attempts are made to leave clues from history's inception to help guide the traveler and help him fix the loop in time. Each time the traveler fails, humanity destroys itself in vain, and the traveler leaves for the past to relays his final attempt to save humankind to his peers. Then an other traveler is selected and tries again which repeats the time loop again.
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I think the thread died in April 2006 - and we all know what THAT means! This being January is then multiplied by the number of days since the thread died and added to the cyclical infinite time loop just - WOW man, this proves that shapsjo is an unwitting agent of the slave-masons, a break away branch of the free-masons.

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