The window cleaners did it !

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HAH! Called it!

I don't think Spencer is merely an uninformed skeptic - I think he's a troll. I think he knows exactly what to do to get attention.

He's picked a few random unrelated events in history and makes up controversial "conspiracies" about them. From the Moon landing to Titanic.

He has hinted that (and thus I predict that) his next conspiracy will be about the WTC on 9/11.

(OK, technically I posted that after this thread was started, but I didn't know that at the time....)
It's OK really. Like those before him, Spence is supporting the forum's primary goal, which is quantity of posts over quality. What owners want is traffic, traffic, traffic. And trolling is still traffic.
That didn't take long!

I eagerly await your explanation of how the second shooter in the JFK assassination was Hillary Clinton.
12-13s in the video , bottom left corner of the smoke , you can see some sort of light emitting on the collapse , i.e flame/explosion :(
may i just say ...
making an accusation of calling the working class employees mass murdering terrorists
seems to be a bit of a stretch when they are unable to defend the accusation

are you not going to name and publicly accuse anyone rich & alive ?
Moderator note: Spencer666 has been permanently banned from sciforums for trolling. (The reasons go beyond what has been posted in this thread.)

Above all the smoke on the outside of the building was demolition charges !
Even in the Conspiracies subforum, claims should be supported by argument and evidence.
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