The WORLD Series!!!


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Yankees... Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta... Yankees... Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!!!


The undisputed team of the decade!!!

Ahhhhhh.... Pleasant dreams, fellow posters...
Sure it's Corvette, but it's still a Chevy. So goes the mantra of Ford lovers.

Sure it's the team of the decade. But they're still the Yankees.

Sure you're Mariano Rivera, the MVP. But you're still a Yankee.

When the series resolved to be the Braves and the Yankees, everybody I know sighed and shook their heads. I personally would have preferred an exciting series with teams worth caring about.

I mean, George Steinbrenner and Ted Turner ... are there any two less deserving baseball owners? Either way, you get Steinbrenner, who never worked a real day in his life, or Turner, who is so drunk he needs three henchmen to hold him up during the postgame interviews.

I'm happy you got the result you wanted. I just wish the rest of the country could've had something worth caring about in this Series.


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Personally, I don't care about baseball at all (although I am wearing a Yankees shirt right now and I secretly cheered for them). I just wish they wouldn't go interrupting my favorite shows every time there's a game on. Doesn't it ever end? There used to be such thing as "baseball season", but it seems like there's always somebody swatting a horsehide around. It just ticks me off when Fox runs a ballgame and doesn't have the decency to put its regular shows on another Fox channel that is available to a wide area. (Sure, they run it on another channel, but you have to drive 50 miles south to get the station.)

Oh well. I didn't mean to whine and moan about baseball, since you're obviously fans of the sport. I'm just more annoyed at the networks for not accomodating their non-sports-oriented viewers.
Me personally, im not a sports fan but i do have to comment being in Atlanta and kind of watching the braves.........BUT WHAT IN THE you call LOSING a damn game to a walk. Damn thats about anal....the braves suck and were made it that far only by luck.

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Personally, I had been hoping for a subway series. The Mets/Braves sure did have an exciting playoff... did you watch it or are the Mets, too, not "worthy" of your attention.

What is this all about?... "teams" not being "worthy"? Because of the human imperfections of their owners? Surely you jest! There are many people (other than me) who followed their team(s) on the road to the world series. As you know, however, only the two most "worthy" teams make it there based on their team's game performances (not the personality of their owners). Speaking about "caring"... Did you see the ticket-tape parade for the Yankees today? Did you witness the sincere, unconditional emotional support which these players and coaches give each other? Today, it became evident that Strawberry probably would not have made it as a human being, never mind a baseball player, if it had not been for the love and caring given to him by his team mates and especially his coach, Joe Torre. In addition to their fine team athletic performance, considering the higher than average personal adversity which the Yankees' coach and a number of players faced this season, I think they are VERY "worthy" of their title in baseball.

Is it a matter that we are hearing sour grapes because your "worthy" team (whichever that might be) didn't make it? :)

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