The Worst Film You Ever Saw...

sargentlard said:
The premise: Nudity, Satan, general hell association, Johnny Depp....but it went so wrong. It had no ending....I mean how hard is it to get a movie about hell, Satan, naked hell worshipping ladies right..

The ending had me throwing things at the T.V

How dareth thee insulteth my JOHNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually the worst movie ever was Before Nigh falls. Johnny was in it, but that was the sexy 5 minits of the movie... the rest was... ewww.....

drink up me 'earties yo ho!

Currently worst film. I saw it yesterday.


What a piece of crap. I thought halfway; maybe I should leave. But I was smack in the middle of a row so i stayed.

boring, goes on and on. Predictable. Nothing of interest in it. Rather boring science angle.
tiassa said:

(5) Poison Ivy
(8) Ghost
(9) Top Gun
(Really, that's what comes to mind.)

I've no real opinion on the rest of your list, but these 3 films rate quite highly in my book. Poison Ivy because of Drew Barrymore, Ghost for the subject matter & Patrick Swayze's performance; Top Gun for the soundtrack, and sheer excitement.
Wow there is alot of movies here that I thought were awesome... But then again, I actually look for Plot and good plot development more than special effects.

Worst Big Budget: Van Helsing.. It really, really, really let me down. It was way the hell to long, and there was just too many cheesy moments.

Worst small budget: Blair Witch Project. What else is there to say except, who the hell actually liked this movie? It made money only because it was almost a teen fad for a month.

And im sorry, but if you dont like top gun.... thats just sad. Thats one of the best movies ever made. Its a Classic. if you want to dis a classic, dis all the godfather movies, thats sad shit.

(Hotshots was funny as hell though :))