Things that get hotter the more in the air they are.

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Would that be a no true Scottish vacuum?
Depends on if you believe in idealism and fairy tales.

If my generalization rested upon something that was never possible you would have yourself a factual argument.

Real Scotsman make ideal vacuums.

The further up in the air something gets the hotter it can be.

If I threw something into the center of the Earth it would reach a high temperature dissolve and become part of the Earth, but is that its highest potential?

Science tells us it isn’t.
The magnets are why the cooling is needed, it has nothing to do with collisions themselves.
That’s identical to saying the air introduced into an engine is separate from the combustion process. Closed system closed process.
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Note that the opening post is structured as a series of statements about supposed facts. No evidence or other rationale for the claims was provided by the poster, however.

If the poster wanted to make an honest inquiry about these matters, he could have structured his post as a series of questions, but he chose not to do that. Instead, he chose to declare that certain things were true, without even attempting to justify his beliefs (if that's what they are).

It seems likely that this wasn't an honest post. It might well have been an attempt to provoke a reaction by deliberately making stupid statements that the poster knows to be false or nonsensical.

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Kilns use air from multiple sides in order to achieve a warmer temperature.
They do not. The inside of a kiln is typically a closed box.
ideas are always hotter when the answers are unknown.
This is an insane-sounding conflation of physical temperature with a strained metaphor that is not even fully fleshed out.
planes run more efficiently at higher altitude because the air cools the engines.
No. Planes are more fuel-efficient at higher altitudes because the air density is lower there and there is therefore less drag on the aircraft due to air resistance.
In fact I have failed to think of a single example where the overall effect of air leads to less potential for heat making purposes.
The term "less potential for heat making purposes" is undefined by the poster and probably meaningless.
Also works for strippers as I have heard.
An off-topic, insane-sounding, sexually suggestive and random addendum that skirts the boundaries of our site posting guidelines.

The opening post was followed up by further false claims by the opening poster, combined with a refusal to acknowledge the helpful information that some of our other members were kind enough to provide.

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